Wednesday, December 27

I can't think of a decent title right now

I remember some time early this year, I said to myself... I'm gonna read 24 books or more this year. But alas, look at my sidebar, I only managed a mere 17, which is way way below 24, and even three books short of last year's record. Hmmm, how do I read 2 or more books per month? I just don't have the time.... Wish I could just stay at home, read books, watch tv and laze about and not go to work. Don't we all????

Well at least I managed to read some 'serious' books, i.e. prize winners and classics. Haha, looks like I'm going back to being a 'book snob'. But seriously, I should read more classics and award winning books. I mean, they have to be good right, considering the awards they've garnered?

On another note, I'll be finishing up with this book by Weisberger, and am looking forward to going to either Kino or Borders to pick up new stuff for the new year. Yippee!!!! By the way, I must add that I didn't find this book as entertaining as her first book (The Devil Wears Prada). Hmmm, guess it's tough when you've got a best seller on your hands and you're expected to come up with more good stuff which have to be lots better or at least at par with your previous works. Sort of setting a high benchmark for yourself and having to go over it higher and higher each time as you write more and more. Writers, authors, directors, producers, actors, I guess it's the same for all creative types. JK Rowling for example, do you think she'll ever come up with something better than her multimillion pound Harry Potter series? She might (never say never!) or then again, she might not.... It must be terribly difficult for her.... I must say I don't envy her one bit at this point. I guess that's why they're the ones writing books, and I'm still struggling with maintaining a blog!

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