Wednesday, June 29


I feel absolutely sick
Feel sick to the stomach
Feel so sick like throwing up
My stomach is churning around
My right calf is swollen and red and hurts so bad
No amount of medication cream will ease my pain
I want, nay, need painkillers
Painkillers that act immediately
And put me to sleep
Deep deep sleep
Deep peaceful slumber
So I shan’t have to go through all this suffering
So I can get off this roller coaster ride
So I can wake up and perhaps feel better


Tuesday, June 28

Busy body at work

I missed an entry yesterday coz I was so busy. Had no time to even check my email. Was kinda stressed out after the whole ordeal was over.

You know you’ve been busy when….

- You have a tummy ache coz you missed breakfast (and lunch, and tea)
- You go home only to forgo dinner and go straight to sleep instead
- You have the same person calling you 5 times in one afternoon, coz you have not returned any of her calls (even after promising to do so many times)
- You find a funny smell at your cubicle and discover last Tuesday’s chicken sandwich gone bad in your drawer
- You have three unwashed coffee mugs on your desk coz you’re too busy to wash up
- You look at the calendar and realise it’s already June when you think it’s still May
- You try to get away wearing the same pants for three days in a row coz you have no time to do laundry
- Your hubby calls and you put him on hold, and fifteen minutes later realise that the receiver is still on your desk (sure kena marah big time)
- You don’t even realise that it’s payday and you’re still walking around with RM2 in your purse
- You forget your blogger / PPS username and password

Saturday, June 25

Self pity ain't good for ya, kid

After going through almost all blogs and pictures on the PPS 2nd Birthday Bash (PPS2BB), I would just like to say, I’m kinda glad I didn’t go. Ok, now before all PPS bloggers come and shoot me down, let me just explain my situation, and perhaps some of you might agree. Don’t call me sour grapes or anything, just hear me out.

After looking at the photos I realised a few things:
- People were chit-chatting and approaching strangers like it was easy-peasy
- People were having fun while drinking
- People were dressed to the nines
- People were laughing and flirting (?) like they would normally do when they’re clubbing

I think I will not be able to fit in. I’m so shy lah *malu*…. I can’t seem to go up to strangers and introduce myself to others and start a decent conversation. I don’t think I have anything interesting to say to people. Things that I say will probably be childish banter to all other serious bloggers out there. I don’t act my age. Though I’m 29, I act like I’m 19. Doesn’t help that I look like a teenager.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t dress my age. I wear a tudung. I am basically your average wallflower. Plus, even if I do go, nobody would’ve probably heard of me. They’d go, “Who’s she again?”, “Never heard of her….”

Okay, this is basically an I’m-so-pathetic-no-one-wants-to-be-my-friend entry. Now that I’ve written it down, I feel much better.

Hmmm, probably the things that I wrote above are not at all true…. Working Saturdays put me in a mumbly-jumbly mood. It has that effect on me. Moral of the story? No work on Saturdays!

Friday, June 24

Travelling Sisterhood YaYa What?

Yesterday night, I spent time watching a movie with my two sisters. We watched The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. I first wanted to watch it because of Alexis Bledel. I think she’s adorable. Known more for her role as Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, Bledel was recently seen in Sin City.

Back to the movie, I’ve been getting the title mixed-up with The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. So during conversations with hubby, I used all variations of the movie name (except the correct one).
- The Sisterhood of the YaYa Pants
- The Travelling Pants of the YaYa Sisterhood
- The Pants of the Travelling Sisterhood
- The YaYa Pants of the Travelling Sisterhood
- The Travelling Sisterhood Pants

Ok, I digress. The movie is about 4 friends who have known each other all their lives. It follows the foursome’s adventures on their 17th summer – incidentally the first summer they spend apart. Even though they are not together, their stories are intertwined with a pair of jeans, which ‘travels’ back and forth between the four of them. This pair of pants is believed to be ‘magic’ as it miraculously fits all 4 girls.

I promise to attempt a proper review of the movie. It’s a sweet movie that moved my sisters to tears. But then again, she cries at everything, even soppy tv commercials.

It’s Friday evening. I’m looking forward to a great weekend, even though my knee still hurts like mad. I don’t think I mentioned this earlier, but I bumped my knee and now there’s a bruise and I can’t even walk straight. With my condition now, I can’t afford to bump into anything. I tend to bruise too easily. The doctor gave me some painkillers for my knee. So, what else is new. At this rate, I could become a junkie. Maybe I was. Or I was almost, anyway. But that’s altogether another story to be told on another day.

Thursday, June 23

Panjang Umur PPS!

Happy birthday to you....
Happy birthday to you....
Happy birthday to PPS!!!!!!
Happy birthday to you....

To all PPS bloggers, here’s to a great 2nd birthday. Hope PPS will celebrate more birthdays in the future. To Aizuddin, I’m glad you decided to do this. PPS is really great. Bringing together all kinds of people from all the nooks and crannies of Malaysia and also the rest of the world.

And to all bloggers going to the celebration tonight, have a great time! Wish I could be there, but.... you know how it is. Circumstances dictate that I should be elsewhere. Perhaps at PPS’ 3rd Birthday Party, huh....

In the meantime, am looking forward to getting my PPS T-shirt. If I wear it, and any one of you notices me, don’t be a stranger, aight! Would love to meet other bloggers in the flesh.

Speaking of which, I should pay Aizuddin now....

Have a great time everyone!

Minishorts, i am

i took kenny's quiz, and ta-raaa.....

Congratulations mudslinger, you are...

minishorts of

You are outgoing, direct, smart, pretty, and a definite go-getter. You are frank, a little too frank perhaps that sometimes you get on people's nerves and make them very upset. If people attack you, you hit back with triple the force without blinking because you are the kind of person who knows exactly what you are talking about or else you wouldn't talk about it. Your quick-thinking is what makes you special. You are an elitist.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

never thought of myself as minishorts. eh kenny,your quiz ni betul ke tak ni?
i feel like a dwarf compared to her.

to minishorts, i am honoured.
(albeit thru a twisted quiz like kenny's)

Wednesday, June 22

Mouthful munchies

So this is gonna be yet another food entry. Just thinking about some of the funny ways that I mix and match my food. Also some other stuff that I’ve seen people eat.

Burger and fries
Okay, this is not so foreign. But I am so used to going to McD’s, order, sit down, unwrap my burger, arrange fries vertically on the meat and then re-wrapping the burger into a pocket thingy before I eat it. So every bite of burger I eat has got fries in it.

Fries and shake (or ice-cream)
Take some french fries, dip it into chocolate shake, and enjoy. Might sound disgusting, but tastes really good. Especially if the fries are hot and the shake is thick and cold. Yumm! A substitute for shake would be ice cream. Even if I ordered a float, I’d dip my fries in the ice cream.

French toast (or roti telur, but not the mamak kind)
I eat french toast with brown sugar. Sticky sweet! Usually it would be maple syrup or golden honey. But brown sugar it is for me.
But I think I’ve seen some people eat it with chilli sauce. Sedap ke?

Pisang goreng (banana fritters)
This I eat on its own, or if the bananas are the tawar kind, I eat with honey.
I’ve seen people eat this with the cili kicap thingy. I think this originated from Johor. I was at a stall one in JB and bought some pisang goreng. The kakak gave me a plastic filled with cili kicap. But I never tried it though. Sedap ke eat like this? Perhaps some Johoreans can comment.
I know of a girl from Melaka, who said she went to buy pisang goreng here in KL. After the makcik gave her the pisang goreng, she hovered at the stall, waiting for the makcik to hand her the cili kicap. To her dismay, she found that it was not a regular thing here in KL.

Crisps and bread
Ok, this one I ate when I was a kid. Not anymore, coz it’s basically plain weird. Take some potato crisps (or potato chips if you prefer American English) like Pringles and crush them. Put them onto a slice of white bread, fold the bread and shove it into your mouth. Yechh… I mean er.. yumm…

Bread and condensed milk
My brother loved this when he was a kid. Me? Yech.. So sweet mah…. Plus, I don’t like milk. I only take condensed milk in my beverages. No fresh milk either.

No milk, remember? So it’s just flakes and err… flakes? Hehehe… I eat them dry like nuts from a bowl.

Bananas and honey and chopped nuts
Take some bananas, slice them into little round pieces, roll them in honey, and then roll them in chopped nuts. Oooey gooey goodness!

Monday, June 20

Batty over Batman

Watched Batman Begins on Saturday night. Well, we didn’t plan to watch Batman Begins but while we were having breakfast at KLCC, hubby had the great idea of queuing up at the cinema for tickets. Sure I said. See, there are several things that I will always agree to, but that’s gonna be a different entry altogether. Anyway, we’d been queuing for about ten minutes….

Hubby: Are you sure there’s Batman tonight? It looks like they have shows to 6.30pm only (pointing to screen)
Me: I’m sure they do. Are you sure you see 6.30? Maybe it’s 9.30.... Takkanlah a blockbuster like Batman they have so few shows....
Hubby: You go and see the screen.
Me: Ok, you wait here....

I go look at the screen and sure enough there were many shows and the latest one listed was for 6.30pm. That can’t be right.

Me: I think there are more shows at night, only that they don’t have enough space in on the screen to show all the times available.
Hubby: How do you know?
Me: I guess so. I mean, how can they not show it at night? Impossible....
Hubby: Hmm, why don’t we just forget about it?
Me: But we’re halfway there already. Please? If we get to the counter and there’s no show… well, I’m sorry. But I think there are shows tonight.

So in the end, I called my brother and told him to look it up in the papers. He confirmed that there were screenings at 8.45 and 9.30 and so we went for the one at 8.45pm. We sat in the third row, but it’s not that bad.

I must say that this is the best Batman movie of all time. Chewah, spoken like a true ‘critic’ with no background whatsoever in filming / scriptwriting / directing. But then again, it is my blog, so I’m allowed to heap praises on this Batman movie.

Christian Bale makes a great Batman. My list used to have Michael Keaton at the very top, followed by Val Kilmer, and then George Clooney who basically sucked as Batman. Now Christian Bale is up there at the top. Dare I say it? He is better than Michael Keaton.

I mostly remember Christian Bale in Little Women. Yesterday somebody reminded me that he was in Empire of the Sun. I remember watching that twice. The same person also told me that Christian Bale was in Empire of the Sun with Ben Stiller. Really? I can’t remember him…. Anyway, back to Batman, I must say that this is going to be my all-time favourite instalment of Batman. Christian’s lips, they have this look, how do I say this, sort of an upturned quality. Hmmm, that didn’t come out right. Anyway, his lips are like his predecessors. Perfect-ly Batman.

Batman…. *sigh*

As real as reality can get

As I sit at the round table for my lunch today, I was engulfed in talks of the goings-on from the many so-called reality talent shows that flood our tv stations of late. Talks and discussions went back and forth from one show to the other. Participants’ backgrounds, personality traits, attitudes, talents, likes and dislikes, good habits, bad habits, eating habits; my office mates seem to know them all. Has this demam phenomenon taken control of all these working mothers? But wait, it’s not only mothers I am told. Working adults, children, teenagers, all have eyes glued faithfully to their tv screens to catch the latest development of their favourite participants. For entertainment sake, sure, I’m all for it. But when kids start rattling off names of participants and yet cannot remember what 5 x 7 are, it’s a pretty depressing state of affairs. When the young can remember so-and-so is from which kampung and has how many percentages of the sms votes, but cannot remember the lyrics to good ol’ Negaraku, then something is really not right somewhere.


Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup
Bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta....

Friday, June 17

Far from the Madagascar-ing crowd

Let’s get straight to the point. Dreamworks’ latest offering, Madagascar? Not that great. I expected more from these people. I mean, the premise was promising. The animation was appealing. But the laughs? Well, there were funny moments, but they were not your laugh-out-loud-till-your-sides-ache funny. More like heh-heh and the occasional five-syllabic laughs funny. So it was a bit of a letdown. *Yawn* Next! Come one Dreamworks! Live up to your name!

In my personal files, the funniest animated piece is Finding Nemo, followed by Monsters, Inc. Have a bad day, watch either one. You’ll feel a lot better.

Can’t write much today. Gotta do some stuff. And look at my neopet.
So will continue on Monday.

Tuesday, June 14

Debbie, Corey Haim and Me

Last Sunday, I saw a DVD lying around in my parents-in-law’s house which immediately brought back bittersweet memories. The movie in question? Sixteen Candles. I believe it was a John Hughes movie (is that right hubby?) starring Molly Ringwald. This movie transported me back to the days when I was in Form 4, way back in 92.

Debbie, my classmate, introduced this movie to me. I’ll always remember Debbie. She was this very intelligent girl who sat in front of me in class. We took the same bus to and from school. Debbie was good with figures. Maths and Accounts were simple puzzles to her. She excelled in History, and was talented in drawing and painting. Debbie knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer, so she took up French. After SPM Debbie enrolled in a fashion school in KL. Alas, Debbie didn’t get to fulfil her dreams. She passed away at the age of 19, about 10 years ago.

Debbie will always be in my memories. It was with her that I discussed movies and tv and designers and books. She got me started on John Grisham when she lent me her book, The Client. We shared opinions on Versace, Galliano, and Moschino (one of her favourites). We criticised Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. We chatted about Molly Ringwald, the brothers Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, siblings Jason and Justine Bateman, Kirk and Candace Cameron, and counted ways why Corey Haim was way better than Corey Feldman. Corey Haim, yeah he’s Debbie’s dream guy. She used to write to him too. The names would surely sound foreign now, unless you’re an 80s kid. Man, Debbie and I sure had lots of fun back then.

I miss my friend.

Monday, June 13

War among the Stars

What a weekend! Friday night, we went to buy tickets to Star Wars. Now before you go, "Awww, not SW again!" let me inform you that this was my second time (only?) watching it, and it was supposed to be a reunion of sorts for hubby’s Adelaide friends. But things didn’t work out as planned, so we ended up going with family instead. Watching Star Wars at midnight when you didn’t get enough sleep the day before proved to be the real challenge. I couldn’t keep my eyes open! Me! The person who revels watching movies, who loves the cinema, who adores being in the seats with popcorn in her lap. I’m so getting old! So what did I do to keep my eyes from closing? Count the number of times any SW characters was hanging on a cliff or an edge. I think this was Simon’s idea, which was written somewhere in his blog. And Simon, I think there were 5 times when either Anakin, or Obi-Wan or Yoda or Darth Sidious was hanging on the edge of something. Unless of course I fell asleep and missed other "cliff-hangers".

Saturday, we were at hubby’s parents’ house. I lazed about and was a good-for-nothing bum, as usual. Watched Astro and loads of it, as usual. So what else is new? Oh actually, come to think of it, I did the laundry. Lots of it. The trip to Kelantan remember? How two people can have so many clothes to wash still baffles me.

I forgot to bring my book Life of Pi. So I rummaged in SIL’s room and found Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep A Secret? and began reading that. Big mistake. I got through the first few chapters and forgot to borrow the book home. I’ve gone against my rule of "No reading of other books while reading a book". Get it? Yeah, that’s me, screwed up. So I’ve barely touched Life of Pi and now can’t get the Kinsella book out of my mind. Ugghhh.

Sunday was the day that broke the record of me getting up late. I got up at 11. Eleven mind you! Had I been with my mum, she would’ve had a fit. Nobody sleeps past eight under her roof. Yup, eight a.m. is the latest that we can sleep in. No matter whatever time we slept the night before, and if we complained, she would say something like, "Well who asked you to stay up till so late at night?" Mothers. You just gotta love them.

So waking up at eleven was weird for me. My mealtimes were awry. Breakfast was lunch, and lunch was tea. And when my meals were screwed up, I got screwed up as well. Heh, food again. My blog is never without talk of eating.

Eh, I’m hungry lah. Gotta cut this entry short. Gonna look for some munchies.

Till tomorrow.

Friday, June 10

To the moon and back

I’m baaaack! After a while of being away from work, I realised that I missed it. Well, not really…. I miss blogging. Have been quite busy today, trying to catch up and all. Went to PPS and saw the contests and the list of people going for the birthday bash. Still don’t know if I can go. Would love to anyway.

Was in Kelantan for a cousin’s wedding. Got my fill of nasi dagang every morning. Had nasi kapit as well. Or more known as nasi himpit and kuah kacang. Yummm. And had loads of keropok lekor. This one was specially bought in Terengganu. Went to Besut to be more exact, as the bride was from Besut. Food is all I talk about! Hahaha! Also had loads of beef curry, and there was also mutton, and limpa and perut. Didn’t eat perut though. Always gave me the creeps. Anyways, internal organs aren’t good for our health.

Still have loads of work to do.
Am glad to be back.
Can’t wait to watch Fantastic Four - heh heh, how I digress….

To all the people who read my blog, I will be back here blogging as usual on Monday. And in the spirit of PPS’s guessing competitions, I guess all in all about 5 people read my blog. Heh!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Much love….

Friday, June 3

Stranger things have happened

Paris + Paris = Paris?!?
The other day I read that Paris Hilton has accepted the proposal of Paris Latsis, a Greek shipping heir. It’s a really weird twist when one blonde Paris can find another blonde-ish equally rich (or perhaps richer) male version also called Paris. And to make matters worse, and more confusing, when (or if) they have kids, she-Paris wants to name the kids…. Paris and London!

If they do get married, what name will she adopt? Will she also make matters worse by jumping from Paris Hilton to becoming Paris Latsis? So what, both of them will be Paris Latsis? Or maybe she’ll save us the confusion and just be Paris Hilton. Or Maybe Paris Hilton-Latsis. Whatever….

Oh btw, I saw the Paris ad.
Yup, the "That’s hot" ad.
The very-wet-Paris-washing-the-Bentley ad.
What can I say. Go watch it at

Crossed lines
My hubby went through a really funny incident yesterday. Well, to me it’s funny. He was going to Seremban, and on the way, was supposed to pick up his superior. So he wrote me an sms and said something in the lines of "I love you sayang, you take care". And guess what? He accidentally sent it to his superior! It was mortifying for him of course. He immediately called his superior and the guy answered "Hi sayang…." And laughed out loud. It was worse for him cause he received the teasing all the way to Seremban and back. Well hubby, next time, check the names properly. My name is the one below your boss’ name.

Parting words
I will be going back to Kelantan tomorrow night. So I won’t be blogging for a while. I’ll be back next Friday though. That’s a whole lotta blogging entries gone. Ah well….

Thursday, June 2

My galactic recipe book

Kuih from outer space
This morning I had breakie with hubby. We went to one of the cafeterias at my workplace. Both hubby and I took this kuih. At first glance, it looked harmless enough. It was your ordinary spring roll. You know the type, one of those fried popiah thingy. So I took a bite and hubby asked what the filling was. And that’s when I thought it a bit funny. Already the thing was so oily, I had to us two serviettes to take out the oil. And then I discovered why it menyerap too much oil. The filling was pulut. Glutinous rice. Pulut! Was this some kind of traditional kuih that I never knew existed? Or what it some new-fangled cyber-era kuih? Has anyone tried this kind of kuih before, I wonder? But it was tasty. Really good.

Ok, this is gonna be a short one. I’ve got filing to do. I hate to see them papers all stacked on my tray. You know how it is….


Wednesday, June 1

All this blabbing

Been so busy today, no time to blog. Well, the company did pay me to do my job, not to blog all day…. Feeling tired today. Mentally that is. Can’t wait to go home. In a few more days I’ll be in KB. Yeah. Cuti!

Watched Sin City yesterday. Thought it was pretty cool. Lots of blood and bits of flesh flying about. Must watch more movies. Batman lah, Fantastic Four lah, Willy Wonka lah …. All I wanna watch. How to save money like this? Sheesh….

Thinking about going to the PPS 2nd Birthday Bash. If I go, people would see me in the flesh. Malu lah…. I wonder what readers see in their minds when they see mudslinger? There were many instances when people thought that mudslinger was a male. I’ve used that name online in various sites and forums. Hehehe….

So back to my question, should I go? We’ll see….