Monday, June 25

Transformers transform!

Can you feel it? Can you feel it yet? It's coming. It's so close you can almost smell it, grasp it, taste it.... It's breathing down your neck. You just reach out a bit more and you can feel it graze your fingertips.....

The biggest, highly anticipated, most exhilarating, electrifying experience is about to happen....


See the person who didn't heed the warning. Face the wrath of Megatron!

p/s: Cool promo!

Tuesday, June 19

D'Rimba Pictures

Ok, these are for the benefit of future owners of units in D'Rimba in Kota Damansara. We've bought a unit there, and a fortnight ago, we went to get some pictures of the place.

The first picture is of the clubhouse and the ones that follow were taken from the clubhouse. It shows the playground, the pool, the river and the little bridge.

These are of the clubhouse and the units. We don't have any pictures taken inside the units as they were locked.

And here is the last batch of pictures. Plus our unit and the outside area.

We hope to be able to move in by this year.

Monday, June 18

Helllll-loww? Anybody home?

Ok, why are the months in my archive not in English? Junio? Mayo? Hell-low....????

What's up with that....????

Wednesday, June 13

Welcome to the real world

We depend so much on the internet. I know I do. First thing I do when I get to the office is to log in online, then check my email, then check my superior’s schedule for the day, after which I reply to my email and update his schedule and alert others of meetings or appointments, also through email. Then I switch on my messenger to keep in touch with co-workers, and also husband, brother and sister in Damansara, KLCC and in PJ respectively. All of these I’ve described above depend solely on the internet connection that my office so generously provides.

So the worst thing that can happen is to see this:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet
The website is encountering problems
There might be a typing error blah blah blah blah blah....

This is like the pits! So I have to resort to doing things that don’t need the connection, like, oh I don’t know, play downloaded games? And listen to songs, and type out my blog entry on word, and basically have a party. How’s that for a Wednesday?

Now all I have to do is the wait till the connection is back on so that I can post this.

*mudslinger hums along to Estranged’s ‘Itu Kamu’ and thinks dreamily of lunch time*

Tuesday, June 12

My love affair with Big Apple

Last Saturday I was at the Curve, to especially look for the new donut place. My brother had recommended them to me and when he said something was good, I’d normally take him seriously, more so when it comes to food.

So hubby and I went traipsing through the flea market after our usual rounds at Borders. Ok, directions said, the place would be behind TGIF’s. And lo and behold, so it was. Follow the smell and you’ll find it, said my brother.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, beautiful!

They were having a special promotion where you purchase a dozen donuts and get half a dozen free. 18 delish donuts! Now who’s going to be able to wolf down 18 donuts right? That’s what we thought too. Still since it was the last day of their promotion, we bought the donuts and took home all 18 in two boxes. There should be some people at my in-laws place who would be hungry for donuts for tea.

I didn’t do a good job of taking down their names and taking decent pictures, as I was salivating over them so much more so with that smell wafting in the air. The only thoughts in my head were “eat now eat now eat now”.

I’m not a great big fan of donuts, as the ones we find here like in Dunkin are not to my liking. But believe me when I tell you, these are damn good! They’re so soft and soft and soft and yummmmm and soft and soft and …. Ok, sorry that got me salivating and I can’t think straight….

We had these donuts (from top L - R): blueberry, mango, almond, nutty chocolate, two oreos, two vanilla, icing sugar (I called it snowy hehehe), belgian chocolate, strawberry, and peanut butter. Sorry I don’t remember their actual names....

And the free ones are the original glazed donuts, yummy……

I’m still waiting for Krispy Kreme. And since KK is not in Malaysia (yet), this is a good substitute I guess…. Just so you know I think I ate four or five of them donuts…. Hahaha!

I’ve made plans with hubby to go there again this Saturday. This time we’re gonna have coffee and have our donuts there. Hmmm, and if I can think straight while I’m eating all those donuts, I might take more pictures.


Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you plan them. No matter how hard you plan and strategise and plan and counter-plan and plan some more, things just won’t work out the way you want them. Kinda puts you in your place, doesn’t it? That there is a bigger power at work, that there is a single entity that controls all things like the galaxies and the universe and the planets and the sun and the moon and the insignificant little speck of dirt that is you.

Aaah well, at least you tried. That makes all the difference. If you didn’t try and didn’t challenge yourself, it won’t mean anything. Time goes by, the world goes round still, and the planets move in their course. But the thing is that you tried. That means you rose to the challenge and attempted and struggled and made a great effort to change things. If they don’t work out, well, at least you tried.

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you plan them….

Thursday, June 7

Pain? What pain?

My legs hurt. I know I should be blessed by the fact that I have two legs to walk, but I can’t help but to complain a little today. Oh ye, allow me to air my grouse....

The pain is some kind of dull throbbing in my knees and ankles. My joints hurt when I walk. I feel so frustrated! Here I am, trying my best to walk properly and the best that I can it seems is to resort to taking clumsy steps that prevent me from walking straight.

I am mortified and hope that nobody sees me, but too late. This morning the lady security guard asked me what was wrong with my legs. Can I walk, she asked. I forced a grin and told her I had sprained my ankle. There, a lie. It makes me feel even worse.

Strangers hold the door open for me and wait patiently while I shuffle along, trying to move fast so that they don’t have to wait on me too long. That happened twice today. Twice! And the day is not over yet.

I am walking to my office, a dozen things to do, and I just can’t move fast enough. I wish I could run, or moved faster, as fast as I used to. Sometimes, I’d wallow in self-pity; oh woe is me, why is this happening to me? Most times I would just blame myself. When that happens, I have to force myself and give myself a thorough shake-up.

Stop being such a weakling! It’s all in your head.
If you pretend it’s not there, then it isn’t.
If you want to be normal, you’d stop all these ridiculous whining.
If you want to be taken seriously, act like you’re ok.

Act it....
Act it....
Act it....
Play pretend long enough and it will be real....

Wednesday, June 6

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

I got a chance to catch this last week. I did not have such high expectations of this movie, what with it being the third instalment of the Pirates movie. That, plus the fact that the second Pirates was not so great and kind of forgettable. Well, to me anyway. So if you don’t have high expectations, you should not be so sorely disappointed right?

It’s a movie about pirates. Pirates have a code of conduct, the Pirate Code of the Brethren, a set of rules to live by, pirate’s oath of allegiance and all that…. and that includes double crossing everyone and anyone that you can. Savvy….?

The first 10 minutes or so into the movie I was confused. Mostly because I don’t really remember what had taken place in the second movie, and how everything ended where it did. The third movie picked up where it left off and we are thrown head first into the goings on of the rescuing of Capt Jack Sparrow from Davey Jones’ Locker at World’s End.

The movie moves fast, has lots of actions, contains many many subplots, and you’ll be taken for a real ride on choppy waters. You cheer for them, laugh with them, and hold your breath when they fight. What else can I say? It’s a pirate movie! A good swashbuckling swaggering movie!

The cast were all great (I’m being really generous here). Chow Yun-Fat was alright. Keith Richards looked ‘authentic’. And Depp was a great Jack Sparrow. Nay, Depp is Jack Sparrow, Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea.

At World’s End is a fun adventure. I’d say I enjoyed this more than I did Dead Man’s Chest. But my favourite will always be Curse of the Black Pearl.