Friday, July 29

Quentino, Quentino, why do you rant?

It’s finally Friday. I have spent the whole week at home. It has been so boring. My schedule would revolve around the following: get up, eat, watch tv, eat, pray, watch tv, eat, pray, watch tv, short nap, wait for hubby. Watch tv some more. *sigh*

So I was supposed to write on Wednesday, and I though I’ll do it at night. But then when it was night-time, I realised that there was the CSI season finale on tv. Hubby and I had to watch that. It was after all directed by Quentin Tarantino. Or Quentino, as my mom calls him. So we watched the two-hour finale. By then it was time to sleep.

Yesterday, I logged in sometime in the afternoon, but it was too hot to write. The pc in this room faces a window, and the sun was just too much for me. Made me feel so drowsy. But of course this didn’t deter me from watching loads of banal shows on tv. Some shows I actually wanted to watch, believe it or not. I watched Angel, One Tree Hill, Oprah….

Oh then there was this show on MTV called Rich Girls. It featured Hilfiger’s daughter. She and her friend have this reality show which follows them… err, I don’t know… from here to there. Boring…. What is it with these wealthy kids? Aren’t they supposed to lead interesting lives? Why do they all have to jump on the reality-show bandwagon? I’m sure they do more than just criticise and shop?

Ah well, that must be the curse then. When you’re a rich kid, you don’t have anything to do other than criticise others, spend your dad’s money, make funny faces and act like dimwits in a store. Yeah, you don’t have to worry about your career, or where all the moolah comes from, or the need to pay bills, or that leak in your roof. Nope, you just have to concentrate on your acting/modelling/artistic/singing/hosting career. Then you make sure you marry some other rich kid so that you can spend his money (which is technically his dad’s money) and live happily ever after for the rest of your life. The end.

Hah! I might be a sour cousin of the raisin family, but I think that my life – with all its ups and downs and climbing uphill and tumbling downhill and pains and fears and joys and happiness – is definitely more interesting than that. When I’m not sick and stuck at home that is….


Tuesday, July 26

You think I like cleaning tables?

It’s confirmed. We Malaysians are a lazy lot. General sweeping statement, I agree, but let me give you one example of how this really bothers me. This really takes the cake as the situation that irks me the most.

Hubby and I go to our neighbourhood McD’s. We order our meal, pay and get a place to sit and enjoy our food. I look at all the smiley faces of kids running around the place with straws in their hands. Never mind they can poke their eyes out. As long as they’re happy. I see young couples on their dates and smile to myself. Never mind they don’t look old enough to be 13. As long as they’re happy. I glance at the mother who is trying her best to make her four kids and a baby sit and eat with civility. Never mind that two of them are eating fries off the floor. As long as they’re happy. I look over at the table next to me and… ack!!!! I see a tray littered with wrappers and leftovers and paper napkins everywhere. Along comes another couple and what do they do? They take the tray and without so much as flinching, they nonchalantly place the tray at another not-so-desired-but-perfectly-clean table. And why in heaven’s name…. why? Why do people do that? It really disgusts me.

Why can’t people clean up after themselves in self-serve restaurants? Is it really too much to ask? Ten seconds of your oh-so-precious time just to clean your table (and your mess, might I add) and put the rubbish in the bins and place the trays on top. Most of the time it’s the mat sallehs who clean up after themselves. I bet you, if you were overseas and saw people cleaning up after themselves, you would follow suit and you wouldn’t even give it a second thought. So how come foreigners can do it but we can’t even be bothered to keep clean? Is it considered degrading to do that? Is it beneath your station? Does it put you behind your schedule, which I’m sure is more important than anyone else’s on this planet? Or is it that you just wanna get your 17 sen worth of service tax? Do we still pay this? And even if we do, what’s the big deal? Clean up your mess!

If you’ve noticed, there’s a sign in Ikea’s restaurant that states why you should clear up your own table. Does it work? Well, truthfully, I’ve seen more people try to clear up their own tables in Ikea’s than I have in McD’s. Is it because you don’t know that you have to do so? If you didn’t, well newsflash to you. I don’t appreciate going to some eating place and not being able to find a clean table, or worse, having to clear up other people’s leftovers. I’m sure you don’t either. Be a little bit more considerate okay. That’s all I ask.

Present and accounted for

I have finally been released from the hospital. Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right. I’ve been discharged… yes that’s the word. I went to the hospital on Friday and was admitted. Had a Doppler done. Is that what it’s called? My surgeon came and took a look and said, the good news was that I didn’t have any clots or blocks anywhere. The bad news was that my platelets were still high. About a million. So what did the good doctor ordered? Rest. Yup, that’s it, rest. So I was to stay in the hospital for the weekend and do nothing. How’s that for a great weekend? The worst part out of all that was that it was hubby’s birthday on Saturday. Poor thing, he had to spend his 28th in the hospital with me. Thanks to his sister, we had some choc mud cake and choc banana cake that evening.

So thankfully I got to come home yesterday. I’m still on medical leave though. Will be till this Friday. That kinda made up for my lost weekend. As of this minute, I’m click-clacking away at hubby’s pc coz I told him I just had to blog something. I just had to write, I don’t know, a sentence at least. I need to tell the people who take the time to read my blog that I’m okay. I reckon there would be about 2 or 3 people out there who reads me.

Being in the hospital really sucked big time. I didn’t have anything to do except sleep, watch TV, read and err.. sleep. Was pretty restless at times. Thanks to hubby who put up with me and my crazy blabbering about nothing in particular.

I finally managed to finish that book I was reading, Mercy by Julie Garwood. It was quite okay. Easy enough reading. Then I read two short stories from Zadie Smith called Martha, Martha and Hanwell in Hell. The book was a Penguin’s special edition to commemorate 70 years of publishing. It was one in a series of many other little books that were selling for about RM9.90 at the MPH. If you walked into MPH MidValley from the main entrance (near Delifrance) the books would be on your right. I don’t know if the promo is still on though. Which reminds me, I have nothing to read at the moment. Hmmmph!

Oh well, at least there’s Astro and Desperate Housewives.

Thursday, July 21

Doctor doctor help me please

My aching calf…. *sigh* Perhaps I should begin at the very beginning, as it’s a very good place to start. Okay. All doctors and med students, pay attention, lest I make an error. Okay, when I was about two years of age, I was diagnosed with beta thalassemia intermedia. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder. People with Thalassemia are not able to make enough haemoglobin, which causes severe anaemia.

Anyway, I was dependent on blood transfusions which started when I was seven year sold. My mum held out as long as she could, coz she knew that once you start with transfusions, there’s no stopping. But thankfully I don’t need to go for transfusions anymore. To cut a (very) long story short (which I might tell one of these days), suffice to say that I had to remove my spleen last December. The op went ok. I went home but a week after that I developed these terrible pains in my chest area. I couldn’t eat. Threw up most of the time. Was in such excruciating pain! Went back to my surgeon (a very kind man, I might add) and he had me undergo an ultrasound and guess what? After the removal of my spleen, it was the expected reaction for my platelets to shoot up to a million. But the blood clot or thrombosis was not expected. Not in such a major vein anyway. Portal vein thrombosis, it’s called. Hmmm, such a mouthful that caused so much pain.

Back to my story, because my blood was clotting, they had to give me medication. During my stay in the hospital, I was strapped to an IV all the time and was given painkillers to deal with the pain. After three weeks, I was finally allowed to go home with my prescribed warfarin pills that would ‘even out the effects’ of the blood clotting. My happy pills….

A few days ago, I developed a terrible pain in my left knee and calf. Called my haematologist, who said I actually needed to talk to my surgeon, coz it could probably mean that there are clots there. I was so terrified after hearing that. He said not to worry and suggested I talk to my surgeon. Maybe the dosage needed to be increased.

I am so worried…. I don’t wanna be admitted to the hospital again. Hopefully I only need to see him and get his advice and there will be no need for me to be detained in the wards.

Guess I better stop now and see what else needs to be done, since I told my boss that I will be away from the office tomorrow. And the pain is really really ugh….

Non-writer who's a pain in the err.. knee

Went to that meeting yesterday, and sure enough, we were ‘asked’ to help write a draft of a speech. The opening and welcoming remarks included phrases like “need to write” “gathered our powerhouses” “English master” yadda yadda yadda. Utter crap. Bottom line was: just do it.

But will not let that bring me down. It’s just another writing assignment. Would you believe it? They want me to write? I know for the past three years I’ve been writing the foreword for the chancellor in all our convo booklets, but gimme a break! I’m sure there are other people who are more ‘write-worthy’ than I am. See, who uses words like ‘write-worthy’? It’s probably not even a real word. And another thing, I couldn’t even remember how to spell the word ‘vision’ yesterday. What kind of a writer is that?

My left knee and calf are still hurting. It’s swollen a little and I cannot walk properly because of this. I’m limping all around the office. Of course I don’t go anywhere unnecessary but I still need to go to the loo sometime, right? Which reminds me, I need to call my doctor today.

I need to go do some minor changes to the power point presentation for my boss’ appointment with the big guy. It’s scheduled next week, but again, I have outdone myself. I gave myself the 21st as the deadline and have stuck to the 21st. Hurrah for me!

Will be back….

Wednesday, July 20

Mudslinger Boleh! Yeah, right....

Came back to work this morning. Yesterday I ditched work coz my left knee and calf were swollen. Still is a bit swollen today. I can’t walk. I hate this. It’s gotta be some reaction to my blood condition and the medication I’m taking. Man, one small bump and the whole thing will swell up and I just can’t walk.

Anyway, came back to work and checked my inbox. I just felt like screaming. See, for the last 3 years I’ve been running around in corporate comm. And over there, there are about 3 executives in charged of all events in the uni. My annual major headache (or should I say my baby?) was the convocation. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say the convo has got to be the biggest event for a uni. So for three years I had to make sure that everything in this major event ran smoothly, from A to Z. After being transferred I heaved a sigh of relief, as I will no longer be in charged with the huge responsibility. But alas, the new person in charged is not in the office as her child is sick. So what do the other officers do? They write me emails asking how to do such and such. I mean, what gives? When I left the unit, I left my whole damn big folder which lists everything, and I mean everything, that you could possibly need to know about running and preparing for the big event.

Getting a barrage of emails asking how to do things when the superior is still there, is absurd. The emails state that my now ex-superior would like them to find out from me yadda yadda yadda… She was my boss, don’t tell me she didn’t know what was happening for the past three years! You mean to tell me that previously she just pretended to be in control, when I was doing all the donkey work? She pretended to know everything when I was the one running around going out of my way and getting feathers riled up everywhere when we requested for stuff? She just nodded in agreement when I suggested and proposed? What? Can’t believe this….

And guess what. I have to attend this meeting (with the big boss, mind you) at about 11.30 today “to assist in the speech writing for the honorary doctorate recipient”. ‘Assist’ my foot! The sentence might as well read, “we don’t have anyone who can write this speech, so we have selected you and two others to become the victims and write this speech for us so that it will look good and everyone can be proud about the whole shenanigan. And did we mention we’re running out of time coz the convo is coming up in about a fortnight, and we really need your kind assistance. You should be proud to do this for the uni.”


Monday, July 18

Satiated Saturday

Had a wonderfully filling weekend! Friday night went to parents-in-law’s (PIL’s) house for sleepover. On Saturday morning, hubby and I dragged ourselves out of bed early to go to HUKM to get my pills. Sound like a junkie, don’t I? Well I do take drugs. But I don’t abuse them. So there’s a difference there. So we had to have breakfast on the run. I first thought of having breakfast after going to the hospital, but knowing me (who’s forever hungry) I had to sheepishly ask hubby to stop at the Shell to get some donuts. So we bought 5 Dunkin Donuts, at a cost of RM1.80 each. Hubby then realised we should have gotten the donuts at the Dunkin Donuts in Petronas in Bukit Antarabangsa instead, which would probably earn us another free donut. If I remember correctly it’s buy 5 get 1 free. Haiyah, too hungry in the morning could not think straight. They were promoting this new donut and I thought I’d try it out. It was the peanut butter and jelly donut. Surprisingly, it was good. Although, I do have one grouse. I only got to the jelly bit inside after three bites. Think I will have another whenever I see Dunkin’s.

So we wolfed down the donuts on the way to HUKM. But I forgot that it was a Saturday, and the hospital “tak kerja” on Saturdays. So said one of the security guards. So there we were at 9 in the morning with nowhere to go. Well, actually we did plan to go catch a movie. So we went ahead to Berjaya Times Square (BTS) and that’s when I brilliantly remembered that it was Harry Potter book launch day, so Borders would have already opened its doors. It was a good place to hang around in, while waiting for GSC to sell tickets.

We stepped into Borders. I half expected it to be chaotic in there, with HP-wannabes clamouring over each other to get their little hands on the latest book. So I was kind of surprised to see that the place was quite empty, save for a few people milling about, some photographers and reporters, and the bookstore staff dressed in be-witch-ing costumes. So what happened? Where’s the hoo-haa and hullabaloo that I expected? Hello? Does anyone realise it’s HP day? Or is it “just another book”?

Perhaps it is just another book. Not to me. I love the series. However I came out of Borders empty-handed. Why? Because the books are only available in hardcover versions! Ugh! Why is it that authors /publishers have to come up with the paperback editions of the books like one-year after the hardcover is in stores? It’s not fair. Sure, it could be some marketing ploy or strategy to get people to spend more, but I thought reading is to be encouraged to all? For richer or for poorer? (like moi) So like it or not, I have to wait. It’s not that I can’t afford the book, now that I’m working and all, but you see, all my five books are the paperback editions. And I’m very particular about my books. Hubby can vouch for this. I remember him buying me HP and The Order of the Phoenix, and he had to take it back to the bookstore. Reason being? It was the ‘adult’ version that he bought, with the proper serious looking cover. Mine are all the children’s edition by Bloomsbury, with the colourful covers. So he had to take it back, explain to the cashier and exchange the book. Lucky me (or him, really) that they didn’t object to the exchange. Back to poor lil-ol-me, guess I have to wait till next year. Unless someone can lend me a copy first.

Don’t worry about lending books to me. I love them and will take very good care of them. I actually cringe when I see books open lying facedown on the floor. Oh what a sacrilegious thing to do! And since we’re on the subject, here are some things you should not do to your books:

- Touch them with greasy, sweaty hands – they stain and it’s a really ugly sight.
- Open them all the way till the spine creases.
- Fold the covers all the way to the back – ack! one of the worst crimes ever.
- Dog-ear them to remember your place – for goodness sake, that’s what bookmarks are for!
- Use books as a backing board for you to write on – leaves horrid marks on the cover of your books.

But oh I digress….

So we managed to watch Fantastic Four in GSC BTS. It was only our second time at the cinema, the first being Lemony Snickets’ Series of Unfortunate Events. I just realised that the leg-room in GSC BTS is wider than GSC Mid Valley Megamall (MVM). Since we always favour watching movies at MVM instead of BTS, I think it’s about time we re-evaluate our preference. Perhaps BTS ain’t so bad after all – well, GSC and Borders anyway. But that’s about it. The other shops are like dead. Back to the movie, since we just had donuts for breakie, I wanted popcorn. The popcorn tasted really good. Either that or I was starving at that time. It was already 11.50a.m. By the time we finished the movie, I was hungry again. How do you explain that? I sure eat a lot for skinny girl. We went to the food court at level 10. Sucks that place. We opted for the kebab sets, which was quite a disappointment. Lucky us we were having dinner courtesy of mama that night. It kinda made up for the crummy lunch. With our stomachs full we went home and I had a nap.

Woke up at 6.30pm with a start. Had less than an hour to get ready. Knowing me, that is really not enough time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t use all that time to put on make up or to go through a strict beautification routine. (not that I need any beautification – heh). I need to make sure my clothes are okay and my tudung is ironed. Yes, my tudung has to be just right. Or else, my mood will be terrible. The crease has to be just so, so that I don’t look like a chick with fat cheeks. The shape has to be there. My sister would probably laugh at me for saying this, but once she called me a “muallaf” which loosely translated means a convert, the way I wore my tudung. Blasphemous girl! Her mouth needs to be rinsed with soapy water. Haha! I’d like to see that.

Back to the dinner, we headed to Chakri Palace KLCC as instructed by mama. Was supposed to meet at 8.30, but knowing my mother, she’d probably be there by 8.15pm. And sure enough at 8.09 I got an sms from my brother telling me that they’re already there. So we proceeded to Chakri and had a really satisfying dinner there. We had seafood tom yam, pandan chicken, sweet sour fish, broccoli and asparagus, and soft-shelled crabs. Yummy, I ate so much I can’t imagine how I got up and walked to the car after that. Then hubby and I went for d rive around the KLCC area looking at the various residential buildings coming up. ‘Buildings’ is an understatement. The Troika (designed by revered architect Norman Foster), The Avare, The Binjai, Binjai Residence, Duo, The Meritz…. Names that exude class and kaching$$$!

Saturday ended and then came Sunday. Went to grandma’s house and ate even more. But that has got to be another entry. Tomorrow perhaps….

Thursday, July 14

Super Rings!

Today is a normal ordinary workday. Nothing happened. But it was freaking cold in the office. Walking outside in the sunshine while on the way to buy lunch was a nice break. Now, I’m back in my little cubbyhole freezing to death. Ok, I exaggerate.

These past few days, hubby and I have been having our breakfast at the mamak at the street mall cyberjaya. We always eat the same things over and over and over.
It’s either:
Two half boiled eggs each (with roti bakar for hubby)
Roti canai (cut into little pieces)
Errr, that’s it…. Either of the above.

That is why I always look forward to my breakie at McD’s. Talking about McD’s, I remember not too long ago, when I had a craving for apple pie, we stopped over at their drive-thru at TPM on our way to parents-in-law’s house. I had the apple pie in the car, and offered hubby some. He said he didn’t like apple pies. So I managed to persuade him to take a bite. Hmmm…..

Then about three weeks ago, we stopped at a McD’s, and whaddaya know? Hubby ordered apple pie! He’s kinda hooked on it now. That’s cute!

So I’m munching on ‘super rings’ now. You know the snack food, the one that comes with a really bright orange colouring (which I’m sure is bad for health), which makes your finger and tongue and teeth have a horrid orange tint. But tastes so good…. in a reminds-me-of-childhood good.

So I’m gonna go visit my neopet, but my colleagues are calling me to join them, in what else? Eating….


Wednesday, July 13

Older. But wiser?

I’ve missed blogging in. Today, as usual, I went to the PPS site and there it was. Kahsoon's blog, promoting the puzzle land game. Man, that thing is addictive! The final level, I tak tau buat lah. Had to see the clues.

It’s raining horses and elephants out there. I wish I could run in the rain. When was the last time I took a walk in the rain? Of course, I wouldn’t walk in the rain on purpose, but when was the last time I got caught in the rain? Probably ages ago. I would love to go under those huge drops of water, and get drenched. Woohoo, what fun!

I did all my filing today. And re-arranging of office stuff on my desk. Now my desk looks really (really) empty. See, people always have this misconception that I don’t have any work to do based on the look of my desk. A clean and tidy desk does not mean that I have no work! It just means that I like to see everything in its place after I’m done. Plus, there’s a system that is adhered to when I do whatever task I have, be it planning, writing reports, compiling data, setting appointments, or even filing. Woe to the person who messes up my stuff and my system!

I am supposed to be reading Mercy by Julie Garwood, but reading has been slow lately. It’s like every time I get home and finish my chores and what not, I don’t feel like reading. Even if I do read, it will be for a few minutes before I doze off. The few minutes would mean about 6 – 7 pages per night, at a rate of 2/3 nights per week. When am I gonna finish like this? This coming from me who could finish a book in one or two sittings. Ah, I’m getting old.

You know you’re getting old(er) when….
- you tell your sister to turn down the music, because to you they all now sound like noise
- you read other parts of the newspaper besides the tv programmes and entertainment pages
- you go *tsk tsk tsk* and shake your head when you see people driving over 120km/h
- people call you auntie or makcik instead of kak or dik
- you increase the volume on the radio when you hear the news update
- when queuing, sometimes people make way for you and let you go first
- staying up to catch a movie at eleven p.m. is such a difficult thing to do
- when meeting up with friends, the get-together will either be in the morning or afternoon, late night outings are a no-no
- you realise how stressful you are now, and reminisce about the “good old days”
- you start telling “when I was your age….” stories

Tuesday, July 12

Desperados watching the desperate

This is gonna be a short one. Hubby’s on the way to Cyberjaya even as I type. I managed to get all my chores done yesterday and today. Yesterday night, I ironed all our clothes for today and tomorrow. Today when we get back, we have to have shower, pray, have dinner, and do everything else that comes along before we can sit peacefully in front the tube.

Yup, you guessed it! It’s Desperate Housewives night!


Monday, July 11

Worlds at War

What a weekend! So many things happened, I still feel a bit dizzy. Or is it lack of sleep?

Anyway, on Thursday, I tried to book “War of the Worlds” online. I couldn’t get any seats for GSC MidValley or Sunway, and only managed Berjaya Times Square. I don’t like BTS. But Thursday night, hubby and I went to meet mama and the rest of family at MidValley for dinner. Hubby said, why don’t we just try our luck and queue for tickets? Of course I agreed, and whaddaya know? They do have shows for Friday night at 9pm. We got seats somewhere in the middle, which was great!

Friday after work, we went to MidValley for our movie. We were gonna go straight to hubby’s parents’ house, so we had all our luggage in the boot of the car. But I digress. So the movie. What can I say? I really liked it. (Caution: spoilers ahead)

The movie shows Cruise as a normal guy-next-door, working hard at his job and having domestic problems like any divorced or separated husband would be, which is saying a lot since I can’t remember the last time I saw Cruise in a role where he doesn’t have a fancy wardrobe, slick moves or high-tech gadgets. He has his two kids for the weekend, and they don’t seem very happy to be staying at his place. Well, you can’t blame them, as he’s got the teenage boy and the pre-teen girl sharing a room. Again I digress.

What I really liked about this movie was that it got me thinking. I saw the desperation in their faces. Wouldn’t you feel that way if you were suddenly attacked by aliens? And you could disintegrate in a matter of minutes? One scene really left a mark on me. The scene where Cruise drives his car through a bunch of people, and they start banging on his car to get a ride. Human desperation is a dangerous thing. When fighting for one’s life, rationale and judgement are thrown to the winds. Survival is the most important thing. Taking another person’s life just means that you’re moving up the ladder from being doomed to die.

I urge you to watch it…. Makes you thankful that it’s just a movie, and we’re not being attacked by any aliens….yet.

Back to work….

Thursday, July 7

Theme-ing with ideas

Aren’t theme parties fun? Well, if you have people who take the trouble to dress up, then it’ll be a success. But IMO people in Malaysia are party poopers. You tell them it’s a costume party and they shy away. Let’s say you have a party with a certain theme, say “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Scenario 1 - Too few people dress up
The people who’ve taken the trouble to dress up will feel a bit out of sorts, even though they’re dressed for the occasion. The majority in ‘normal clothes’ will feel more at ease than their dressed up counterparts.

Scenario 2 – Some people do not come in costume
In this case, it’s the reverse. The ones who didn’t dress up will feel embarrassed because they didn’t take the trouble and in doing so may have slighted the host.

Scenario 3 – No one comes in costume
This is really terrible. The host will be the only one looking in character. It will be such a waste of props and décor.

Scenario 4 – Everyone dresses up
This is what every host dreams of. Once people are in costumes, or behind masks, they tend to take on a different personality altogether. You’ll surely have a fantastic time!

Sometime in the future when hubby and I have our own home, I would definitely want to have a theme party. Here are some of the theme parties that I would definitely love to host. As you can see, they’re movie inspired.

- Star Wars Galaxy Ball
(hubby could be vader, I could be amidala)
- Tarantino Flicks Fiesta
(hubby and I could be travolta and thurman from pulp fiction)
- Pirates of the Caribbean
(we both be pirates, arrrr…. no way am I gonna be a damsel in distress)
- Famous Disney Couples
(hubby can be any one of the princes as long as I’m a princess – heh!)
- Famous Couples
(this I saw in a movie. we can be Romeo and Juliet)

I’m nuts. I’d better stop now before I come up with even more ridiculous ideas. Can’t wait for Saturday though.

Lengga lengga day....

Came to work on a bright and breezy note today. Had quite a considerable amount of work completed last few days, so today I took it a bit easy. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t have work to do, it’s just that this week our faculty is having its annual dinner. So all of us are abuzz with preparations. It’s on Saturday, and it’s a themed dinner. I love theme parties! This Saturday it’s gonna be Bollywood Nite.

What do I know of Bollywood? I don’t watch Hindi films, nor listen to Hindi music. I know zilch. And then where am I going to get a costume? Hubby’s easy answer? His sister. And sure enough Ana has all sorts of outfits. Beautiful ones too, I might add. She told me to wear this exquisite lengga. I tried it on last weekend, and I felt like a princess. The instant I dropped the little baju on my shoulders, I felt a transformation. Never have I felt so delicate, so feminine, so so so…. royal. *contented sigh* Never mind that I’ll be wearing a tudung and the baju has sleeves up to my elbow. Never mind that I have no idea how to tie my tudung. Never mind that I’m in charged of food for 100+ people, and if the food sucks, I’m gonna pay for it. Never mind I don’t have the right shoes, or the proper jewellery. Never mind all that. The main thing is I’m a princess…. *another contented sigh*

If you need me, I'll be in the garden twirling and dancing and singing....

Wednesday, July 6

Desperate Housewives, Inc.

I wanna be a desperate housewife!
Well, no…. not really… But never have housewives looked so glamorous. Even if underneath the almost-perfect façade they have totally twisted warped-up lives. I loved the first episode shown yesterday. Convinced hubby to watch it with me, and he said it was quite good. Well, for a show that took the world by storm, I think it’s got to be ‘quite good’.

And now, in a desperate office-wife move, I have to quit writing as hubby is driving into Cyberjaya already. Have to go….


Tuesday, July 5

Death of the elusive malay movie

Really sorry excuse for a movie
So I was planning to watch The Apprentice Sunday night. Sat in front of the tv, took the remote and switched to TV3. And what do I see? A bunch of teens screaming and crying and hugging one another. What tha? Oh, then I remembered that it was the channel’s anniversary so they were showing some movies during the week. But what horrible movie could this be? After five minutes, I was pissed. All they were doing were screaming and crying and crying and screaming and more and more of the same high-pitched, hiccuped-with-crying screaming. If this is all it takes to be a director, heck, even I can come up with a movie.

So I thought, ok, maybe The Apprentice is gonna be delayed a bit. It’s okay. We can watch Friends on the other channel. After Friends ended, I switched back to TV3 and guess what? More screaming and crying and crying and screaming. Let’s watch how this movie ends, was my great suggestion to hubby. He (un)willingly(?) agreed. So we watched. And in the next few minutes I had a clearer picture of what was going on.

They were lost in the jungle.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They split up.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
One group lost a member.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They re-group.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They look for lost member.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They find lost member only to lose another one.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They split up.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They find lost member.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
The decide to split up (again!)
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They meet up at old haunted house.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They decide to stay the night!
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They decide it’s a bad idea after all.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
They run for help.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
Its all a stupid dream and the girl wakes up.
Everything is fine.
They go on with their camping trip.
Girl who had dream realises her bad dream is actually happening.
Screaming and crying and crying and screaming.
Movie ends with a fizzle.

We were both screaming and crying and crying and screaming at the pitiful death of Malay movies.

Back from the unconscious

It’s good to be back. Getting ill ain’t no fun at all. Was really sick last Wednesday. Went to the clinic on Thursday. Doctor confirmed that I had a bad fever. Temperature went up to 100. Stayed home and slept most of Thursday and Friday. Felt a bit better later that night. Was mama and mama-in-law’s birthdays on the 2nd. Didn’t celebrate though. Only went out on Friday night for dinner with my mama and hubby and Ad and Aq. Yes, went out while recuperating from my fever.

More than just chicken rice
The five of us went to have chicken rice. We ordered the meal for 6 pax. When the orders came, we were feeling pretty hungry and thought that we could easily polish off the food. However, we later found that there was just too much. We didn’t finish the kailan. Poor kailan. And I always loved kailan. *sob*

Wedding bells and family feuds
I went to a wedding on Sunday. It was a really close friend. Heck, she’s practically my cousin. At the wedding, I met up with my cousins and aunts and uncles and nana and other relatives. Kinda funny that even during that wedding, even during this very event of mengeratkan silaturrahim, there were still chasms between some of my family members. Not too proud to admit it, but my extended family’s stories and vendettas could rival some of the long running soaps and cerekaramas on tv. My brother remarked how funny it was for us to meet our relatives at other people’s weddings. It’s true, I event met my cousins and their kids whom I’ve not seen in the past year. Well, I also saw my uncle, who again, continued to ignore our very existence. Ah well, his loss….

Back to the wedding, my friend/cousin is now married to a guy from Kelantan. Haha! My husband said that I would start a trend. I didn’t believe him. I mean, how could that be? But it’s true. First I got married to a Kelantanese, then she, and next will be my other cousin. He is now engaged to a Kelantanese lass and they will probably get married early next year.

So I'll probably post this first, and get some work done. Really good to be back....