Wednesday, May 23

Much ado about 113.4 grams

Today I shall show you how I eat my Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Yes, it’s a slow dull day….

First, unwrap your burger and place it in the middle of the wrapper. Put the top bun half aside. See all the chopped onions and gooey cheese? Yumm….

Next, take your fries and arrange them in a vertical fashion. Horizontal won’t work, because if done horizontally, the fries will fall apart when you bite into your burger. No chilli sauce. Sacrilegious! Ok, if you must… fine… add chilli sauce. Just so you know, ketchup’s way better…. but I don’t add anything to this burger.

Now fold the top half of the wrapper over your burger like so, and fold the bottom half also to form a little pocket.

Ta-raa! Now you can eat without messing up…. Enjoy!

When hubby and I were dating, I found that he also ate like this. Soulmates! Hahaha....

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