Thursday, December 15

Hollywood-ised? Cheap!

I was looking for the book Memoirs of a Geisha some time ago, when I realised that all the bookstores no longer carried that book. I was told that they were either sold out or out of stock. Don’t worry, they assured me. The new stock would come out soon, just in time with the movie. But like I had expressed before, I was looking for the book with the old cover and not the one with the movie Zhang Ziyi cover. I have nothing against her; I just don’t like movie tie-in covers. It’s just one of the rules that I live by. Probably makes my life ten times more dramatic to have such insane rules.

So yesterday, I was at the MidValley MPH. I saw that the book had arrived. No longer able to withstand the pressure of reading the book before watching the movie (which is, by the way, another one of my crazy rules in life), I grabbed the book. So that’s what my whole rambling is about. I got the book. Now I’ve got a week to read it. Or more. As long as I finish reading it before watching the movie.

By the way, going back to not wanting books with movie tie-in covers, I just feel that they kind of cheapen the book. I know, I’m crazy. It’s like the literary weight of the book is lost when it is Hollywood-ised. Get what I mean?

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