Tuesday, December 6

My Apprentice lineup

On Sunday, I watched the first episode of Season 4 of The Apprentice. After watching three seasons and the first episode on Sunday, I noticed a pattern - some similarities among the participants. Among all the participants in each group, you are bound to find the following:

The “I have a lot in common with Mr. Trump” type
Normally a male, he will start the competition or 13-week interview by telling the audience that he has a lot of similarities with Mr. Trump. He works as hard as Trump and thinks he should win on that criterion alone. Unfortunately, Trump will think he talks too much, or is a time bomb waiting to go off, or is too difficult to manage.

The “I look like a beauty queen but don’t mess with me” type
This one is strictly for the females. She undoubtedly has long blond hair, looks poised and has a pageant type-smile most of the time. Some of the things that she might say are, “Just because I’m beautiful, doesn’t mean I’m stupid,” or “I have beauty and brains, so don’t think I can’t do a good job”, or “I, like, so can be project manager!” She sometimes uses her looks to her own advantage.

The “I just got out of business school” type
He would most probably be the youngest participant. Recently graduated, he is here to prove that he can do the job as well as the others. He has book smarts and can be a bit too idealistic. As he is the youngest, sometimes he tries too hard to please everyone, thus ending up being not the great leader that Trump is looking for.

The “I am not crazy no matter what you think” type
Most recently seen as female. She would pull stunts like making deals on the phone under the table without the knowledge of her teammates, or disappear in the middle of a task. All her teammates think she’s crazy, but she defends herself and says that she’s just ‘different’.

The “I’ve got seven degrees, an MBA and a Ph.D.” type
This one would typically be male and in the first introduction we would hear his list of 5 or 6 or 7 degrees from such renowned universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT and whatever hallowed-hall institution in the top ten list.

The “I’m Asian / Black / Latina so I know what I’m talking about” type
Typically a feisty one, she asserts her actions based on ethnicity. She is brash and straightforward. She doesn’t take crap from anyone. Usually, she is at the centre or the cause of heated ‘discussions’. She resents those who raise the question of ethnicity or race, but inadvertently she’s the one who’s always doing it.

The “I’m my own person” type
This one always stands out in the crowd. Be it by wearing a bow tie, carrying a walking stick, strumming a guitar, or sporting a ponytail. Add to that, openly expressing his own sexuality and admitting to being gay.

The “I’m a bitch” type
Well, this type speaks for itself. Typically a female, she will strut around like she owns everything. Gets into everyone’s faces. Provokes everyone. Hates everyone openly. Wants things done her way most of the time. Is sweet to Mr. Trump only.

The “I’m a self made entrepreneur” type
This type achieved success mostly by starting taking risks and venturing on his own. Probably does not have college education, but is successful through hard work and perseverance. He believes he has had sufficient training through his hands-on experience. Can have animosity towards college grads.

The “I’m a small town guy / mum” type
This small town guy is amiable, well liked and generally considered a good guy. Always with a big grin, he is probably the CEO or Director of his own successful business. The small town mum thinks she can handle the corporate world after raising two / three kids and running a business ‘empire’ in her hometown at the same time. Both small town guy and mum are instantly noticeable through their ‘delightful’ drawl.

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Jocelyn said...

Ha! u mean bitches are sweet 2 mr. Trump? Well,i can see that this types always outlast their project manager.=P