Wednesday, November 8

Britney's Happily-Ever-After?

Alas, it has happened. What many have speculated will happen one day has happened. How does this affect me? It doesn’t in any way. But it’s sad. For a woman to be divorced is really sad. My mum went through it, so I know. Being a kid who grew up without a father figure is tough, but hey, I managed and I turned out alright (even if I do say so myself).

But then again, it is now 2006. Being a divorced woman or a single parent is not such a big deal today as it was way back in the early 80s.

Besides, I don’t think K-Fed is such a great father figure….

So Brit, heads up and don’t shed a tear. You’re probably doing the right thing.

*sighs and goes back to humdrum of non-Hollywood life*

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