Tuesday, February 13

What's with the attitude?!?

I have a grouse of sorts…. It’s been bugging me every time I’m faced with it, but I keep forgetting to write about it. So here goes….

Hubby and I - we like to go gallivanting here and there. And most of the time it will take up most of the day. So because of this we often perform our prayers at suraus or prayer rooms provided at the various shopping malls.

Every time I go to these suraus, I will feel like a hypocrite - my intention is to pray and yet I will leave the surau with bad feelings. You see, whenever I meet anyone there I’ll try to look at them and catch their eye and the very least smile. Sometimes the ladies who are there smile back. Most of the time, they don’t. And I’m like wtf?? Isn’t smiling a sedekah?

It also pisses me when some people come into the surau and proceed with their prayers oblivious to others who are there. I’m not saying that you should be a chatterbox and try to talk to everyone, but what’s wrong with smiling, nodding your head or even giving the salaam. Odd isn’t it? Aren’t all Muslims brothers and sisters? And yet here, in the place where you come to perform your solat, you look at people from the corner of your eyes. And when we all share the mirror to put on our tudungs, you jeling-jeling and tengok orang semacam. Apa masalah kau? Ini surau, tempat beribadat. Tempat merendahkan diri, bukan tempat hipokrit. Solat tonggang tonggek, dengan sesama muslimah pun tak tau nak senyum.

See, I’m so pissed that it’s got me rambling in BM.

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Frankensteina said...

I'm feeling you. Same goes to just about anywhere you go. Most of the time I like a complete moron smiling away when all I get is a sour stoned face hehehe.