Tuesday, February 6

That Boyz II Men Thing....

This entry is so long overdue. But nonetheless, I’ve got to put it in as it marked a special moment in my life.

Two weekends ago, hubby and I went to Genting to catch the Boyz II Men concert. We went on Saturday, the 27th and took the bus and skyway up. We got there at about 2.30 p.m. and collected our tickets at the Arena of Stars. Then we checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Theme Park Hotel, which was merely a stone’s throw from the Arena of Stars. I’d purposely avoided the First World Hotel, coz the last time we were there (in 2004) we were not so happy with the room. It was so minute! Okay, so I digress….

We went to the First World Plaza and had a fun time taking loads of pics, which incidentally you’ll not see here (to keep my anonymity as mudslinger). We went back to the hotel at about 5.30 p.m., just enough time to rest before the concert. Doors opened at 7, so we wanted to be there by then - which meant we had to skip dinner, and have supper.

The show it self was amazing. We were so ecstatic and we had fun singing and dancing to old faves like On Bended Knee, Four Seasons of Loneliness, I’ll Make Love to You, and newer stuff from their latest album. They ended with a great performance of End of the Road, and an even greater rousing rendition of Motownphilly for the encore.

All in all, it was a great performance and we left the Arena with sore throats (and hungry tummies). We were lucky that there was a Coffee Bean at the lobby of our Hotel. So that’s where we had yummy chicken pie and lasagne. And we sat there and chit-chatted the night away, reliving the experience.

The next day, we had breakfast at the Resort Hotel. It was so cold that day in Genting! It was freezing and misty. After breakfast and a short tv watching session, we packed our bags, and checked out at noon. Then we headed to First World Plaza again for lunch, before heading back to the skyway station to take the cable car and bus down.

It was so much fun. The weekend seemed longer than two days, probably coz of the many activities that we did. Fun fun fun!


MarinaDelRey said...

hey u've finally updated ur blog n have been updating quite dilligently i see! and wow, now got technicolor oso, nice :-D

i've always wished u'd blog more coz i like ur posts..u write about simple stuff, but it's fun to read :-D

btw, i envy everybody who went to the Boyz II Men show..how i wud've luvd to have gone n see them live n to sing along and relive those 90's days when their hits were staples on my playlist...

keep blogging ya! :-)

mudslinger said...

hey marina,
thanks for the encouragement! it really means a lot to me. you've just made my day....
thanks again!