Tuesday, June 12

My love affair with Big Apple

Last Saturday I was at the Curve, to especially look for the new donut place. My brother had recommended them to me and when he said something was good, I’d normally take him seriously, more so when it comes to food.

So hubby and I went traipsing through the flea market after our usual rounds at Borders. Ok, directions said, the place would be behind TGIF’s. And lo and behold, so it was. Follow the smell and you’ll find it, said my brother.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, beautiful!

They were having a special promotion where you purchase a dozen donuts and get half a dozen free. 18 delish donuts! Now who’s going to be able to wolf down 18 donuts right? That’s what we thought too. Still since it was the last day of their promotion, we bought the donuts and took home all 18 in two boxes. There should be some people at my in-laws place who would be hungry for donuts for tea.

I didn’t do a good job of taking down their names and taking decent pictures, as I was salivating over them so much more so with that smell wafting in the air. The only thoughts in my head were “eat now eat now eat now”.

I’m not a great big fan of donuts, as the ones we find here like in Dunkin are not to my liking. But believe me when I tell you, these are damn good! They’re so soft and soft and soft and yummmmm and soft and soft and …. Ok, sorry that got me salivating and I can’t think straight….

We had these donuts (from top L - R): blueberry, mango, almond, nutty chocolate, two oreos, two vanilla, icing sugar (I called it snowy hehehe), belgian chocolate, strawberry, and peanut butter. Sorry I don’t remember their actual names....

And the free ones are the original glazed donuts, yummy……

I’m still waiting for Krispy Kreme. And since KK is not in Malaysia (yet), this is a good substitute I guess…. Just so you know I think I ate four or five of them donuts…. Hahaha!

I’ve made plans with hubby to go there again this Saturday. This time we’re gonna have coffee and have our donuts there. Hmmm, and if I can think straight while I’m eating all those donuts, I might take more pictures.


Gallivanter said...

Wow, the donuts look enticing. How is it, compared to Dunkin Donuts?

perkinsonline said...

Donuts are one of the unhealthiest foods in the world. it is rated as one of the top ten unleahiest foods.
I read it somewhere in a magazine.
google it n u'll see.

adora said...

if so they are unhealthy, then dont eat it.no one is forcing you.
a personal opinion- try eating the donuts when you're dead.kinda hard eh?as for me, compared to Dunkin's, BigApple is way orgasmic..esp when eaten hot.they're not the typical cake-like donuts.u just have to eat it to know it.YUM!*glazed look*

kimberlycun said...

yes, they are simply AWESOME. i'm planning to sample each and every flavour...

Rauff said...

I have Dunkin like once a week and your discovery has made me really looking forward to it once I have time to go to The Curve. I'll follow the scent as you have advised.

ps: Thank you for the encouragement:)

Flanegan said...

if you eat 1 dozen of krispy kreme, you lost 5 years of your life.. haha

that s what the aussie say.