Wednesday, August 15

And away we go!

Aaah, blogging. I’ve missed it for quite some time now. Yeah yeah, I’m a terrible blogger, blog updater, blog writer, whatever….

Life was at high speed these past few weeks. After Harry Potter, we did not watch any new movies at the cinema. No more movie outings I guess. And I have been busy at work. Yeah I know, it’s a sorry excuse. But it was quite taxing. An avalanche of work. Many things to prepare: reports, presentations, etc. etc. etc. Many distractions around: email,
Friendster, other people’s blogs, Second Life, free pc games, Facebook. This leaves no time to blog (pathetic, but true).

So here I am, back to talking gibberish and rambling on and on about inconsequential stuff that probably only affects me. Hahaha, it’s good to be back!

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