Thursday, January 3

Back on square one

So it’s the New Year. Happy New Year to all! New Year means new resolutions. I think I mentioned some time ago that there was one year when I resolved not to make any more new year’s resolution. It worked out just fine. Till maybe a few years later.

I think I also mentioned somewhere that I used to make dumb resolutions like ‘work harder’. If you didn’t know me, and you heard of my resolution, you’d think I was a slacker of some sort. Ignoring work or procrastinating till the last minute. In actual fact I’m neither (or at least I think I’m not.) I work as hard, maybe harder than other people.

Maybe this year I should be more concerned with being a better Muslim. Cut down on gossip. Spend more time with my family. Be thankful for what I’ve got. Celebrate the little triumphs in life. Forgive others.

Blog more? Heh heh….

That should keep me busy for a while….

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