Friday, February 3

That ad-splains it!

You know that ad on TV? The Chinese New Year ad where the auntie is making kuih kapit and she chides her son for reckless driving? Yeah, the one about road safety. Well, I thought it was an ok effort to get people concerned about road safety with all the balik kampung exodus happening. And then the day after that, I heard an ad on the radio. It was a bunch of guys who were talking about the ad on TV. What bothered me first was that they didn’t really speak like Malaysians. Sure, they tried to sound like Malaysians, with the Malay guy speaking English with a Malay intonation, and the Chinese guy speaking English with ‘lah’ everywhere. But this is so far from the truth. I mean, I know lah how Malaysians speak. This ad was too exaggerated and too unreal.

The next thing that got me thinking was how this was a radio ad that was explaining the TV ad. What? Some creative genius work going on, was it? Was it meant to reinforce the message for people who didn’t have TV or for those who didn’t manage to catch the ad on TV? Or was it to explain some idea that was somehow lost in the TV ad? Come on, takkan lah Malaysians such a dumb bunch right?

As if we needed to be reminded many times to be careful on the roads this festive season. As if we needed to know that during the festive seasons the number of accidents are high. As if we didn’t know that the public transportation is the safest way to travel. Heck, putting your life and your family’s life into the hands of the express bus driver could be the most responsible act ever. As if we didn’t know that…. Sheesh….

NOTE: Since eyes rolled too many times, mudslinger is now cross-eyed.

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