Monday, February 27

Thumbing through reality

What the heck happened to my weekend? There I was on Friday, full of ideas on how to spend my two lovely long days off work. I was going to finish reading my book, start a new one, play some PS2 games and watch tv.

And what did I accomplish? I managed to watch some tv, read a little and played hours of PS2. It was like ‘lepas gian’ time. It wasn’t some hotshot game I was playing. It was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. My brother doesn’t have any of these kinds of games. His are all racing and racing and more racing. Maybe racing is putting it down a bit. I think he has several Need for Speed games. And Grand Theft Auto. Or am I mistaking him for someone else?

So back to HP, it was courtesy of Kimmy, his girlfriend. I had loads of fun. On Friday night, my left thumb was pink and by Saturday afternoon it was bright pink and basically I had lost all my senses. Probably all the nerve endings were numbed from the constant jamming on the control pad.

Saturday afternoon, my mama, brother, two sisters and I spent the time just talking about stuff. We reminisced about events that happened while we were growing up and had lots of laughs. Some things some of us forgot, so it was fun to remind each other of all our follies and achievements.

That evening, hubby and I went to hubby’s parents’ house and we had dinner there. Then we watched tv and saw Vanity Fair on Astro. Sunday passed by so quickly that before I knew it, it was time to go to sleep. *sigh* Another weekend goes by….

And the other one is so far in sight….


simon said...

cheer up. the next weekend is only... um... 6 days away!

kekure said...

hey sis..long time no update..hope u'r doing ok?