Thursday, February 2

Welcome to Thursday's ramblings!

It’s Thursday, and it’s been a while. Everyone has been in a holiday mood since last Thursday, and I too forgot to update my blog, and instead spent my time engaged in other businesses. I spent time in the stationery room looking for a new stapler. And I read the newspaper and wanted to try out sudoku but forgot. This doesn’t mean that I did not do work. Hell, no. I spent most of Thursday and Friday tying up all loose ends so that when I came back to the office today, I will not be welcomed by a mountain of work. But you know how it is, half the office had already gone on leave, so I still couldn’t complete my monthly reports.

I drove to work today in such a leisurely mood. There were very few cars and it was smooth all the way. Well, on normal working days, the LDP will be smooth flowing from my home to Cyberjaya, so can’t complain there. You know those traffic updates on the radio? Sometimes, just through wishful thinking, I want to hear a report for traffic on Cyberjaya. Even though it will probably sound like, “the traffic on the LDP heading towards Cyberjaya is smooth flowing….” I would surely get a kick out of that.

I actually woke up late this morning. I set my alarm on my handphone for 6.20. Usually, my alarm would go off at 6.20, at which I will press the snooze button a few times and wake up at 6.50. Well, 6.50 would actually mean I wake up at 6.40 since my clock is always ten minutes fast. Again I digress…. I woke up at 7 this morning. Seven! Frantically I had my shower and got ready and lucky me, after going through my morning routine in warp mode, I still managed to leave the house at 7.45. Phew.

I must have switched off my alarm when it went off this morning. I didn’t sleep late last night, well, not that late anyway. It was about midnight. I know I’ve promised myself to start sleeping earlier but I just couldn’t put down my book. I just had to finish it yesterday. And I did. It was Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go. It’s a great book. I found myself saying ‘one more chapter, just one more’ every time I came to the end of a chapter. I just had to keep on reading to unravel the mystery and to put together the puzzle in my head. It’s really an engaging read. I recommend that book to all.

I will probably start on my new book tonight. Ever since I left my student days at the Uni, I felt that I haven’t read enough ‘literary’ works. It’s always the current fiction, so I made an impulse promise when I was at the bookstore the other day. It was to read at least one classic work a year. At least one. If possible three. So tonight, I will be starting on The Great Gatsby. Let’s see how many days that’s gonna take me.


cheng sim said...

have u read The Da Vinci Code and Five People You meet in Heaven?

oh gosh, those r good too.

mudslinger said...

yup, i did last year. enjoyed them both too!
thanks for stopping by....

MarinaDelRey said...
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MarinaDelRey said...

hi there...1st time bloghoppin' in...i work in nilai and they NEVER have traffic reports abt the flow heading that way... (errr,flow..what flow?) *LOL*... The Great Gatsby was a good book..enjoy! :-)

btw, been flippin' thru ur posts and i am truly AMAZED at the similarities between us! i luv a lot of things u do from McD's breakfasts, to Kelantanese nasi galore, to Sixteen Candles..bla,bla,bla.. i'm gonna link u up ok? ;-)