Tuesday, January 23

Movie: Little Miss Sunshine

Olive dreams of becoming a beauty queen like Miss America. However, she is by no means the ‘pageant’ type - she’s bespectacled and slightly plump. But her dream is on its way of becoming reality when through some default or other she gets to go to California and take part in the finals of the Little Miss Sunshine pageant. Her whole family then goes on a cross country trip in their family’s VW van.

Olive’s family is made up of dad, Richard who’s a motivational speaker and is down on his luck, and mum, Sheryl, who is a chain smoker and probably on the verge of a breakdown trying to cope with raising the family. Olive’s brother, Dwayne is a high school kid who has taken a vow of silence and will not speak until he is allowed to join the Air Force. They are joined by the angry and sullen Grandpa who was kicked out of retirement home for his heroine snorting. Add to this bunch Olive’s uncle, Frank (Sheryl’s brother) who has just been released from the hospital and has to be under supervision as he had earlier slit his wrists as his love goes unrequited from his student.

See how they cope being with one another throughout the trip, their resentment, their anger, their love towards one another, and the way they cope with issues like death. It’s sad at times and makes you think of your own family, as I’m sure there’s an oddball in every family.

The movie is both fun and funny, especially the end, during the pageant itself. I can’t tell you any more lest I spoil your movie experience. Watch it and you’ll be surprised.


xazuru said...

thought about watching this movie soon. but didn't have any time to, I'm too busy doing my work

adora said...

gee, thanks for officially announcing to the world that im the oddball of the family. anyway, im just glad this movie isnt hyped ala the other mainstream movies. heard raving reviews, and am excited to watch it soon!