Wednesday, January 25

Bits and bytes that bug me

I have been busy today, doing some housekeeping. Well, I’m not really keeping house because I’m not at home and I’m not doing housework. Not cleaning or dusting or sweeping or mopping. Just ‘housekeeping’ as in tidying up my PC.

The whole housekeeping shenanigans started when I got this message on my PC monitor stating something like ‘not enough memory’. I tried getting the technician to help me, but he says there’s nothing he can do. He looked at my PC and shook his head. He explained that if I continued to run several windows simultaneously (like I usually do) I might see that message more often.

Now you must understand that technology, especially of the PC kind, might just as well be Greek or Latin as I really now nothing about them. Yep, I am still one of the toads under the coconut shell. I know how to switch my PC on, know well enough how to use it to surf and send email and such, but ask me about the goings-on behind the whole process, and I go blank. Start talking about bytes and memory and gigs and what-have-yous and I’ll go cross-eyed.

In simple terms, he said that I couldn’t have an Explorer window open, my Netscape Messenger open, my Yahoo Messenger active and my Real Player going on at the same time, while trying to use MS Word to do my work.

And why the hell not? That’s how I used to do work at my last department? How come I never had any memory problem thingamajig plaguing me then?

He pointed out that my PC was an Intel Pentium II with 128.0 MB RAM.

Uh-huh, go on…

And it was running Windows 98.

Uh-huh… And??

And so, it’s not powerful enough to do what I want to do. So maybe what I should do is try to delete some unwanted files, and free up some space and don’t open too many windows.

Hmmm, I doubt this will work.

So, I have cleaned up my hard-drive from all useless clutter. Yup, including deleting photos and some pieces of music which I hardly listen to. And still, STILL I get the same message sporadically. I think the only solution is to get me a new PC. Which of course would only happen when giraffes can talk.

So until then, I’m just gonna have to ‘play nice’ with this PC of mine.
Unless anyone has any other suggestions….

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