Thursday, January 18

Book: The Children of Men

Imagine a world where there are no children. Imagine a future where the youngest of all human beings are 25 year olds. Where the population are unable to breed. No more births, no more life, no more existence.

That's the premise of this story. Seen through the eyes of the protagonist Dr Theo Faron, who happens to be the cousin of the Warden of England, Xan Lyppiatt.

The book follows Theo's encounter with a bunch of 'dissidents' who seek his help in changing the country, nay the world. His is thrown into their cause and tangled in their lives, especially after finding out that one of them is pregnant.

Truly an engaging read. This is my first PD James book, and I'm intrigued to read more. Indeed a great writer, she manages to paint a plausible albeit desolate and hopeless future.

This is being made into a movie starring Clive Owen and Julianne Moore. But my advice? Read the book first. There will probably be changes in the storyline or the events, as in the case of all books-turned-novel.


bibliobibuli said...

you make me want to read it now!!

Stupe said...

unable to breed? the process how?

anyway, there is always cloning around ;-)

by the way, thanks for dropping by me blog and you are not crowing my comment box! thanks for dropping by (again, see, so grateful!) and thanks for reading. So i see you're one true blue B2M fan! :)