Monday, January 22

Neverwhere, Ludmilla and the Sunday Philosophers

On Saturday, hubby and I went to Borders at the Curve. It’s time for me to get more books, since I’ve finished PD James’ book. After about an hour of surveying all the titles in the aisles, I finally decided on the Buy 3 for the price of 2 promo.

My purchases were decided by these facts:
1) I’ve never read works by those authors,
2) I’ve always wanted to read their works, and
3) Never judge a book by its cover.

I guess these books on offer were older compared to those on the shelves in the aisles, as some looked like their pages were turning yellow. So you know what that meant. Yup, that meant that I spent another good 10 - 15 minutes looking for copies that were:
1) Not dog-eared,
2) Not torn or defaced
3) The most close-to-perfect copy

I could sense the security guard from the corner of my eye, probably wondering what this crazy girl was doing… Taking out all the books and putting them all back save one.

And my purchases were:

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere
I’d always wanted to read Gaiman, and now I had the chance to choose between Neverwhere, Stardust and Anansi Boys. I chose the first, and I hope it is okay for a first -timer like me.

DBC Pierre’s Ludmilla’s Broken English
I found the premise interesting, and thought I’d buy it, even though I would have loved to read Vernon God Little. Alas, Vernon was not on offer so I had to keep that one for later.

Alexander McCall Smith's The Sunday Philosophy Club
I guess now is a good time as any to start on McCall Smith.

So there it is, my bedtime reading for the next few weeks. I plan to start on Gaiman tonight, followed by McCall Smith and Pierre. That should keep me occupied till end of February.

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