Thursday, January 18

Our Nando's escapades

My hubby and I enjoy Nando’s meals. We have great fun when we have a Nando’s outing. At least I do anyway. The outlets that we mostly go to are the ones in Sunway Pyramid (close to home), KLCC (close to parents’-in-law’s home) and at times, MidValley (close to MPH - heh heh).

Last year we had this card thingy where after a certain number of visits, (fourth, I think) we were entitled to a chocolate mud pie dessert, and after our seventh visit we could get a half-chicken free. I realised that we were five days to 2007 and we have yet to go for our target half-chicken. So I pestered my husband non-stop till we got to go there again.

My husband didn’t mind it either way. I on the other hand told him that since we spent so much on Nando’s every year, we should go after our ‘prize’. So what happened was that we ended up having our meals in Nando’s for dinner on the 29th of December and our lunch on the 30th of December. Talk about having a Nando’s affliction!

And since I promised some photos in my blog, I present to you… ta-raa! They’re amateur pics, I warn you….

This is my favourite meal at Nando’s. A quarter chicken, with rice and coleslaw. Some chips were from hubby. And make it extra hot peri-peri. (My mouth began to water as I’m typing this).

And this is hubby’s favourite. A half-chicken with chips AND peri chips. And make his mild peri-peri. I tell you, one of these days we will surely be banned from Nando’s. Look at the amount of ketchup on my husband’s plate!

Okay, so you can probably tell by now. I love Nando’s.

Hmm, they should make us VIP customers and give us our on table since we go there so often....

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