Tuesday, November 22

Fly me to the moon, and while you're at it, gimme an acre

Yesterday I read in the papers that some performers or artistes at the American Music Awards will be awarded with a piece of the moon. An acre of the moon. The first thought that came to mind was, ‘Whoa!” Then it struck me; you can only give it away if it belonged to you. You mean the moon actually belonged to someone? Some person or some private body? Can this be true?

Excuse my ignorance, but does it really make sense to have people owning stuff like the moon? How did the person get to own it in the first place? Did he buy it? If he did, from whom? Or did he just stake his claim and then proclaimed it to the rest of the world?

What else would be given away next? Jupiter? Saturn’s rings? The sun?

I thought planets and the galaxy and other celestial bodies should belong to all, and yet belong to no one in particular.

I guess I thought wrong.


Metria said...

I'll let you in on a secret - Earth belongs to me. But because I'm so generous, I let everyone have a piece of it ;)

I also have the rights to Neptune and Pluto. Would you like some choice spots?

Seriously though, I wonder legally how that moon division will hold up. Apparently there's some Chinese company also claiming the rights to the moon now.

mudslinger said...

hahaha! maybe you and i can go holidaying on pluto sometime.