Tuesday, November 15

My Memoirs is gone

It’s the second day of work for me today, and it’s still early in the office. Using this time to catch up on my blog.

Yesterday was the first day back at the office. I was really excited to come back. Well, after missing about a month plus of office work, it’s great to be back. I arrived before anyone else did, looked at my desk and saw that it was a mess. Hurray! More stuff for me to clean up and organise. Yeah, yeah, I know…. I’m a nut. Everybody also says that about me. Back to my first day, I opened all my mail, though some were no longer valid or relevant. I sampled some kuih raya. I did all my claims, and all of my filing, and then I was done. Yup, a whole month’s work, done by 4p.m. So then I busied myself doing other things. Scrolling down all the 267 email messages that were left unread that morning. And before you know it, 5.30 came by. So I packed my bags and left. Very productive first day.

Last night hubby and I went to Nando’s for dinner at Sunway Pyramid. As usual we both ordered the extra hot peri-peri flavoured chicken. But yesterday, it was extra extra hot! Maybe it was just the one in Pyramid, because everywhere else, the extra hot was okay. Bout, on the other hand, we have had extra hot in Pyramid, and it wasn’t that bad. Yesterday’s extra hot was really, according to hubby “the bomb!”

I went to MPH to get a book. I was looking for Memoirs of a Geisha. See, when I last saw that book in Kino a long long time ago, I wanted to buy it. However, I was swayed by another book. And every time after that, I would pick up Memoirs and again be hypnotised to buy another book. And sometimes, when I didn’t have other books persuading me, I would be faced with another problem: moolah. I wouldn’t have enough money to buy the book. *sigh*

So last week when I finally was able to buy Memoirs at Borders it was sold out. Sold out!?! How can a huge bookstore like that have no copy of Memoirs? “We could order it for you,” said the ever-helpful salesperson. Yeah, right. I’ll get it somewhere else.

And yesterday at MPH, the book was sold out too! Man, I couldn’t believe this! The salesperson told me that they were waiting for the new stock to arrive. All the old stock had been sold. Why the delay? She then informed me that the new stock was a bit delayed, as the book would feature a new cover – one that had pictures from the movie. D’oh! I hated books with movie tie-in covers. And I’d really wanted to read the book before watching the movie. You know if you watch the movie first, the images that you get after reading the book will get overshadowed or replaced entirely by the images from the movie.

I’m still going to try my best to get a book with the ‘original-not-tainted-by-the-movie’ cover. Wish me luck!


Metria said...

Good luck! I used to buy from Amazon with a bunch of friends to save on shipping costs, before MPH & Kinokuniya opened their huge stores. At least now got a far better choice of books!

mudslinger said...

that's true. i am so thankful for kino and mph. oh ok and maybe borders too....