Friday, September 9

Budgeting my weekend

I’ve got a new task today. Budget! So I will be preparing the budget for the small unit that we have. And it’s budgeting, baby! All maths and money! Woohoo! What fun!

Oh all right, so I exaggerate. It’s not that great. Well, hey, at least it’s something to do. Okay, now that we’re back from euphoria, it’s back to business. There are so many things to do this weekend. Let’s see now….

1. Service my car
2. Get a gift for baby alesha
3. Finish my book
4. Reorganise my wardrobe
5. Buy another book
6. Catch a movie at the GSC OU cinema
7. Go shopping for some clothes
8. Treat hubby and myself to a grand dinner
9. Go on a picnic
10. Design a web site

Right. Actually only 1, 2 and 3 are true. And maybe 4 or 5, one of which I will try to do. The rest is just make-believe. I just thought it’d be fun to do those stuff. And also to tiru Simon's list of tens. Jangan marah ah Simon! Ha-ha!

To all those who read this blog, have a great weekend ahead!


GhOsT said...

You have a great weekend too!!!

Just a passer by.......

simon said...

eh, tak marah, tak marah... angry saje... :)