Thursday, September 22

Guilt kills the unwell

It’s Thursday. I went to see my surgeon yesterday for my check-up. I checked my blood and it seems that it’s too thin. The bump on my knee? I showed it to him and he wondered why I didn’t see him sooner. He said as my blood was too thin, the slightest knock or bump would result in bruising, or worse, bleeding – which was what happened to my left knee.

He looked at me and said I needed to stay home to recuperate as I was in no state to walk. He heard of my going to work on Tuesday and said I was being idiotic. Well, he didn’t say idiotic, but he said I should’ve been at home to rest.

So know comes the part where he was going to write out my medical leave certificate. He asked me how many days I wanted to rest.

Prof.: Okay, so how many days do you want?
Me: How many do you think I need?
Hubby: Prof., this girl feels guilty for taking leave off work.
Prof.: Guilty? But why? You need to get off your feet. Minimal activities. Limit your walking.
Me: Okay, maybe a few days…. (still not feeling so sure)
Hubby: Hmm, maybe till Friday Prof.?
Prof.: Friday? (laughs) Okay, since you’re going to feel guilty taking leave, I’m going to decide how long you need to stay home. And since it’s an official instruction from me, I don’t think you should feel guilty. So I decide okay?
Me: Okay…. (gulp)
Prof.: Alright then. I’m writing this MC from today till next week, hmmm the 30th.
Me: That long?
Prof.: Yes, then you come back for another check-up and we’ll see how your blood is by then. Okay?
Me: Alright then…. (guilty as hell)

So here I am stuck at home doing nothing but having meals and performing prayers and watching tv. Thank goodness for the Internet. That is, when I have the energy to sit at this desk….

*Tsk tsk*

Wonder when all this guilt will go away…..

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Fashionasia said...

which doc is this? recommend to me pls!!! hehehehee