Friday, September 23

Diary of the Sick and Bored

It’s Friday, finally. Now that I have to stay home, I don’t have that many choices on things to do. My day would probably be broken up into these segments:

- Surf the Net
- Watch Astro
- Play games online
- Play SIMS on PS2
- Watch DVDs
- Surf the Net
- Play with Neopets
- Wait for my sister to come home from school
- Wait for my hubby to come home from work

Intersperse that with the usual routine of meals and prayers, and you’ll one of my days at home.

See I don’t have any book to read at the moment. I want to get Grisham’s latest, but I’m under house-arrest, remember? Well, I still have some more sick days to go. Might as well enjoy it right? Before I know it, I have to go back to work.

Okay, time to surf….


kekure said...

How are u doing sistah?hope u're getting better..

mudslinger said...

i guess i'm okay. just stuck in the house for a bit. getting really good with all the neopets games. haha!
thanks for stopping by....