Monday, September 12

Shoot don't run

From the previous post which lists the ten things that I might do during the weekend, I only managed to do the first two items, but I’ve started thinking about number 10. Well, I have a rough idea as to what I want to do anyway.

I feel so sleepy now. I was typing and re-doing the PowerPoint presentation and I nearly dozed off. It was raining quite heavily here after lunch. So heavy that there may be some flooding happening at some parts of the campus. Of course this didn’t happen, but it could have happened….

Hubby and I had tremendous fun at The Curve on Saturday. They were having some kind of promo for some bank’s credit card. It was fun for us because it’s been awhile since we went out together, just shopping or window-shopping or whatever. We had fun picking out toys for alesha too. I went wild looking at all the stuff that they’ve got for babies now. Fantastic!

Yesterday, we were at mama’s house and Urban Legends was playing on Astro. So we watched UL while eating ice-cream. Yummm.

You know how it is in horror movies or thrillers. They have the bad guy / ghost / deranged killer chasing the victim, the bad guy just walks / floats / prances and yet manages to catch up with the hapless victim who runs and runs and runs and falls down and runs some more. Where’s the logic in this? So I asked hubby:

m: Eh, why the victim runs and runs, but the killer just walks slowly? And still the victim kena stab?
h: You mana tau… the killer also runs.
m: I don’t see the killer running pun…
h: Of course not. When the camera is on him, he walks lah. The killer runs when the camera is not shooting him lah….
m: Haiyah…..

So tak masuk akal….

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