Thursday, September 8

Work, I need you

Okay, it’s close to 2.30, just after lunch. I stare at this monitor and don’t know what to do. I look at my in tray and it’s empty. I look at my filing tray, and it too was empty. *Sigh* This is going to be a long afternoon, and 5.30pm is just so far away.

I’m so bored out of my wits now. I went to the secretary and asked perhaps the boss had set out a task for me or left me with something to do. No such luck. It looks like I’m just going to spend my time surfing. But then, it doesn’t feel right to surf the afternoon away. After all, I’m still in the office. Wait, maybe I can re-arrange stuff in my cubicle. Oh no, I just did that this morning.

(sits backs in chair, looks around office)
*blink. blink*

I’m a bored person sitting at my desk
(types out entry, pretending it’s work)
*squint. squint*

(scratches head and folds arms across chest)
*roll eyes all the way round*

I’m feeling so drowsy now
(eyelids droop and big yawn escapes mouth)
*blink. blink. blink*

Aiyah, bosanlah!
I’m gonna find some work to do.


kekure said...

wow!Lucky u!don't have any work to do. i had to juggle with the backlogs and coordinate a farewell party(as a bidan terjun that is)today.

mudslinger said...

farewell party? wow, kekure, wish i could've helped out. i love planning parties....

kekure said...

i hardly know that frenchie actually LOL!it turned out great,thank god!