Friday, January 13

If wishes came true

Friday. It never fails to happen. Every Friday afternoon I’d be filled with illusions of grandeur. I’d have fantastic plans in my head of what to do during the weekend. For two whole days I could do anything I wanted. Two wondrous long days filled with every kind of possibility. Two fantastic promising days offering a myriad of potential happenings.

Alas, my routine would be to spend three quarters of my day watching the idiot box and the other quarter trying to read whatever I could get my hands on. Right now I’m reading my mom-in-law’s book. I hope to finish it this weekend. All in my quest to read 24 or more books this year. Yeah!

It’s ciao time! Ta-taa….


jen said...

yea.. if wishes could come true... :P

kekure said...

let's have a book marathon sister!..have finished 3 books in 2 weeks..giler betol hehehee

MarinaDelRey said...

that happens to me EVERY weekend..except i never get to read enuf :-)