Tuesday, January 17

The R3 that nearly wasn't

When I arrived home from work yesterday, I saw my brother inspecting his car with a washcloth. I thought he had just finished washing his car, as he often did. That boy sure had lots of energy washing his car after a heavy shower. Plus he’d just returned from work, so wasn’t he the least bit tired? I thought.

As I approached him, I saw my mom outside too. Then my mom told me. My brother was very nearly involved in an accident. He was on the Kesas Highway on his way back to our house in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, when a car driving on the opposite direction slammed into the divider. He saw parts from the car flying in all directions and debris hitting his windscreen. He didn’t even manage to see what car it was, as he had to swerve and try his best to not ram into the lorry that was smack right in front of him.

So that was what he was doing. He was inspecting his car for damages. I understand how much he loved his car. I drive a little Kelisa, and a small scratch on my car makes me tearful. My brother on the other hand owns an R3, which he has been wanting ever since god knows when. He painstakingly takes care of that black baby of his. He washes and polishes and shines and takes pride in his car. Now his Satria has scratches on the driver’s side and in the front. I feel sad for him. It’s gonna cost some moolah if he wants to fix the car up.

On the other hand, I say a silent prayer to the Almighty. I am so thankful he did not get hurt in any way. He could have been injured or worse had he gone headlong into the lorry. A car you can get anytime. Your life? It’s more precious than any possession in this world.

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justme_2020 said...

arghh...pity ur bro. hope everything is fine now.