Thursday, January 5

Service charge? Sucks.

Yesterday was my sister’s 18th birthday. We decided to go out for dinner to have a mini celebration for her. Hubby could not join us, as he had to go for a business dinner thingy. So it was my brother, mother, sister and I who went to Domino’s in Subang. We had a great pizza dinner there.

When it came time to pay the bill, I got up to walk to the cashier counter. My brother then stopped me and said, “You’re paying the service charge, why don’t you call the waitress and get her to bring the bill to you?” I considered this for a fleeting moment and decided to ask for the bill instead. Crazy ain’t it? For that 8% service charge, I get to ask the waitress to do my biding.

Which brings me to another story. It was the last day of fasting or Ramadhan. My mother decided to treat us all to dinner at Pizza Hut. They were really packed that day, and could not handle the crowd. It’s crazy. They mixed up our orders, and were quite rude that day. At the end of our meal, my mother, being the hotheaded person that she was, went to pay at the cashier counter. She demanded to see the manager, and proceeded to give him a piece of her mind. She expressed her displeasure and stated that she will not be paying the service charge as the service basically sucked. They had no choice but to print out another bill. The manager apologised but didn’t look too sincere doing it. I reckon we won’t be going to that particular Pizza Hut in the future.


Jocelyn said...

Wow..I didn't even know we have the right to refuse paying service charge if the service sucks

mudslinger said...

well, i don't know whether it's acceptable practice. maybe not. i know it could be a few ringgit only, but if the service was really bad, do want to pay for their services?