Wednesday, January 18

My love-hate relationship

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital.
I hate going to the hospital.
I hate waking up and realising it’s a day for me to miss work so I can see the doctor.
I hate driving in the morning through the congested road to get to the hospital.
I hate waiting for the clinic to open.
I hate getting my appointment number from the nurse.
I hate waiting and waiting and waiting until it’s finally my turn to go in to see the specialist.
I hate lying down on the examination table.
I hate the horrible gooey stuff that is smeared on my abdomen.
I hate the echo thingamajig prodding me.
I hate seeing my heart go thump-thump on the screen.
I hate the silence and the way the doctor registers no emotions in his face.
I hate waiting quietly while the doctor writes his reports.
I hate asking for an MC slip from the doctor, eventhough he knows I need one.
I hate waiting for my medicines and my bills.
I love going home.


Anonymous said...

oh my goshhhhhhhh
Sound so muchhhhhhh like me....
Hope the visit to the doctor turned out ok.

Pamela Koh

MisSmall said...

Is it a heart examination? Well, doctors are not that scary, they're just bookworms in white coats. :P

mudslinger said...

thanks... i hope so too.

bookworms in white coats, i'll remember that!