Monday, January 23

Wish I were a cat

It’s raining now in Cyberjaya. And it’s so cold here in the office. Plus I have a tummy-ache, no-thanks to the monthly visit from my ‘friend’. I just want to have a hot drink and cuddle up in bed. So what’s the next best thing? Getting hot Milo and just tuning my brain off work for the last half-hour of today.

Yesterday I was in TGV KLCC, and hubby and I watched Memoirs of a Geisha. It was beautiful. The costumes were so dreamy. The beautiful kimonos were just so luxurious. I wish I had a pair. Not that I’d know how to wear one, or if I could even walk in one. But just the thought of those beautifully embroidered and artistically designed clothing makes me salivate…. However I felt that the movie was a bit incomplete. Probably because I’d just read the book and was imagining certain scenes in my head. I don’t know, I just wished that there were more to it. Nevertheless, it’s a charming movie and is highly recommended.

My tummy is aching again. I should concentrate on doing nothing now….

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Fashionasia said...

wish to cuddle up in bed too!!!! i miss my comforter!!!heh....still owe u the meme...err...still deciding if i wanna do it...kekeke