Monday, April 11

Apprenticeship in Orange County

Yesterday night we all watched tv.... we being my sisters, my brother, my hubby and I. So tell me, how come they changed the time for The O.C.? Really pisses me off. I mean it was all great when The O.C. was at 10pm on 8TV and The Apprentice was on at 11pm on TV3. So we would watch The O.C. and then swich to The Apprentice. Last week, some person thinks it's a great idea to put in this comedy thingy before The O.C., so that OC starts at 10.30 and ends at 11.30. That means we would miss one half of either show.

Now tell me who this great person is, cause I would like to wring his neck.

Eeeee, makes me so mad thinking about this. I know they're just tv programmes, but I get really mad and that kinda spoils my mood every Sunday night. It doesn't help that they're showing the shows on Sunday afterwhich the next day is a Monday. A working Monday. Sheesh!

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