Saturday, April 9

Of yummy prawns and ice hockey

I'm hungry. I had some fried rice this morning, but it is now 11 plus, so my stomache's rumbling. Hmmm, where's my cheese stick?

Ok I'm back. Yesterday night, we went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner. Saw this beatiful batik being sold at the concourse area. Really loved this black kebaya piece which costs about 500 plus. A bit pricey for this month, so have to stop thinking about it. They were having some sort of promotion for all things batik, and other craft from Malaysian states like tenunan Terengganu and Pahang and they were simply gorgeous.

Anyway, had a really yummy experience at the Manhattan Fish Market Restaurant. I ordered this tiger prawns dish served with some sort of creamy cheesy sauce. Mmmm, delish! Then afterwards we went towards the skating rink and saw that there was an ice-hockey match going on. So hubby bought an ice-cream cone from McD's and we watched the match. I know absolutely nothing about ice-hockey, but that didn't stop me from cheering the players. That was really fun.

Which set me thinking.... all the things done spontaneously or at the spur-o-the-moment could actually be more fun and more memorable than some of the meticulously planned outing. So perhaps I should learn to be more spontaneous and impulsive rather than wanting to know what time everything is happening. I know I have this terrible habit of wanting to know the details if we have a thing to go to. Like for example:

Me: Hey, are we going to your friend's wedding this weekend?
Hubby: Mmm, yeah...
Me: What time do we have to be there?
Hubby: After two. The others will be there by two.
Me: Invitation says what time?
Hubby: After twelve.
Me: So what time are we leaving?
Hubby: After zohor prayers.
Me: What time after prayers?
Hubby: As soon as we're done.
Me: Mmm, ok. What time is zohor?

I can be very irritating, I know. But sometimes I can't help it. I need to know details. Maybe I should try to not be so uptight. Man, I do sound irritating.

Which reminds me, we need to go shopping for some stuff at the pharmacy. Maybe we'll go to Sunway again. Hmmm, if hubby's ok with it.

Wonder what's for lunch....

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MarinaDelRey said...

sounds like a conversation between my own hubby n me..xcept in my case, i always need to ask questions no matter what they're about... he just grunts back answers... my ultra-talkative mode never fails to annoy him! :-)