Friday, April 22

Oh happy day.... NOT!

It's Friday.... Finally.... What's that I hear you say??

TGIF? .... Not!
Looking forward to the weekend? .... Not!
Happy to be free from work? .... Not!

My throat is sore and scratchy. My eyes are watery. My nose is running. My head feels light, and I'm coughing like there's no tomorrow. Oh happy day! .... NOT!

I just wanna lie down.... and yet, where am I now? In the office, for goodness sake. I got my medicine from the doctor, but he probably didn't think it was necessary to give me the day off. So that means I'll be back in the office doing work as usual tomorrow. Tomorrow! Oh what joy.... I mean, how else would I love to spend my Saturdays besides coming in to the office to do whatever work in the few hours that we have. Seriously work on Saturdays just suck. It's a big waste of time, and effort, and energy, and money for the employers and employees.

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