Sunday, April 10

Moments of happiness

Yesterday we went for lunch and dinner at Midvalley. Well, we didn't plan to stay for dinner but we did. We got there at about three-plus and immediately had lunch. Then we went here and there and here and there. We went to the jigsaw shop and contemplated buying one, but we realised we didn't have the proper table or space to do it so maybe some other time (when we have our own place probably). So we spent, oh what, six hours there? We hung out at MPH and looked at all the books. Hmm, so many books that I wanted to buy but they'll just have to wait....

For dinner, hubby said let's go to chilli's. So okay... we went to chilli's and had yummy yummy fajitas and their triple play. i loved the eggrolls. We were so stuffed that I had trouble standing and walking back to the car. Oh okay, i exaggerate, but we were really terlampau kenyang.

Then hubby said, how about watching Be Cool? Seemed like a good idea since it was already eleven at night. But the movie was at 11.45p.m. and that could finish about 2.45 and then we'd get home about 3p.m. Suddenly the good idea became a really ridiculous venture, so we chucked that out.

But I thoroughly enjoyed the outing. Remember what I said about being impulsive and doing things at-the-spur of the moment? Well, the Midvalley visit was definitely one of them. Tired, but definitely contented and satisfied.

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MarinaDelRey said...

u do all the same things I do with my hub! we luv Chilli's.. but I'm the one who loves spontanaeity n spur of the moments... he doesn't like last minute stunts..but being spontaneous is what makes life fun right! :-)