Thursday, April 7

Out of this world

So today I was at Yahoo and I saw a pic of Harry Potter. This sent me into an absolute frenzy. I had to see the production photos of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. So it's coming out in November. This is definitely one of my must-sees. Especially Hermione going out with Krum, and Ron with his (wild) hair, and Harry and Cho Chang, and Fleur... definitely a must-see.

Also I spent some minutes downloading the trailer to Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. This is another must-watch-no-matter-what. Seeing Anakin embrace the Dark Side and finally becoming Vader... I'd queue at the cinemas to catch this asap.

These are the other movies that I really look forward to viewing:
* Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (sometime soon... I hope)
* Batman Begins (June)
* War of the Worlds (June)

Talking about movies, I read an article about our local movie Sepet which received mixed reviews. Many thought of it as a briliant move towards better quality Malaysian movies, and yet there are others who see it as a film with a non-Malaysian identity. This issue of "non-Malaysian identity" was even brought up to Parliament (I heard). The movie makes use of many languages, thus earning it the title "non-Malaysian". Hello? Whaddaya mean non-Malaysian? Don't we speak malay, cantonese, mandarin, english etc. at any place we like at any time we want to? So, we mix them all up. Isn't that what makes us even more unique? We have such a rich diverse background that we should be proud of. Essentially it's the differences in all of us that unites us and makes us special. I mean seriously... I'm sure Parliament has more important things to discuss. Sheesh....

Hide and Go Seek
And I watched Hide and Seek the other night. Sad to say, I was disappointed. I mean, everything went on well enough, building into the climax and after that it was just a waste of time. The murdering rampage was so-so, the final moments were a bit comical and by the end, I felt cheated. Where's my dynamic ending???!!!

Tonight perhaps I shall go watch another movie....

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