Tuesday, April 19

Corporate rebranding my foot!

Ahhh, Tuesday. Today I did loads of work. Well, compared to no work on some days, today was a huge load. I have to prepare a powerpoint presentation to be sent up on Friday. Info is all there, but need to put everything nicely and presentable enough for our Chancellor. Also was rushing as tomorrow I've got a doctor's appointment. Going to see my surgeon. Hope everything is okay. Also, it's a public holiday on Thursday, as it's the Prophet Muhammad's birthday. So I won't be in tomorrow and Thursday, meaning I'll only come back to office on Friday, which is when the presentation is due. AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!
My eyes literally feel like popping out of my head.
I've been glued to the PC since morning. Had a great lunchbreak with ex-dept mates. But actually came back to work at 2, which is like exactly on the dot. I'm gonna try out the neopets thingy. Since adopting Piko the Pink Penguin (see right hand column), I think it might be fun to see other cyber pets. So I'm going to the site now....

Oh no, that means I won't be able to log in to this blog till Friday. Damn that TM! And that's another thing. We applied for a telephone line for our home. And the people at Telekom Malaysia said, Sure, we'll go look at your house on Tuesday. And that was last Tuesday mind you. It's been a week and still no sight of them. Well, they've recently gone through a rebranding exercise and are now known as TM. Hmmmph!
What's the use of rebranding your corporate image if your services still suck!
And don't even let me start on streamyx! Stupid TM....

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