Wednesday, April 6

A walk in the rain heals the aching heart

I took a walk in the rain this afternoon. I was crossing over between office buildings and was hidden under my umbrella. I'd forgotten how good it felt - the wind blowing, the rain tap-tapping on the umbrella, the smell of the wet grass. My shoes sloshing in the puddles... my new sandals sloshing in the puddles. It never fails to happen. Wear a pair of new shoes to work, and whaddaya know, it rains! Well, my sandals aren't exactly new, but it's only been my fifth time wearing them. It's good we're having all this rain. It used to be so hot in the afternoons and even hotter still at night. Now, things aren't looking that bad.

Saw my friend today. Still with a swollen cheek. On Monday when I saw her, I thought she had a toothache, so I made nothing out of it. Yesterday while having lunch with her and the others, I saw she had a cut in the inside of her lower lips. I asked if she had accidentally bit herself, and she just smiled. Today I saw her again, and this time, I could've sworn there were lightish green lines on her cheek. She looked liked she was hit. It was horrible to see, and more horrible still not being able to ask. I mean, how do you ask such things? And yet, not asking makes me feel like I don't care.

In what possible situations should a husband lay his hands on his wife? Even in Islamic teachings, the husband should not reprimand with beatings. He can reprimand, (and maybe give a smack on the butt) but to slap her across the face? To kick her into a corner and lash out with a belt? That's just monstrous behaviour. What has become of the world today? What has happened to love and romance in a marriage? Where is the patience? The understanding?

So, how do we teach kids and teenagers to be civil to one another if we as adults cannot discipline ourselves to do so?

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