Tuesday, July 5

Back from the unconscious

It’s good to be back. Getting ill ain’t no fun at all. Was really sick last Wednesday. Went to the clinic on Thursday. Doctor confirmed that I had a bad fever. Temperature went up to 100. Stayed home and slept most of Thursday and Friday. Felt a bit better later that night. Was mama and mama-in-law’s birthdays on the 2nd. Didn’t celebrate though. Only went out on Friday night for dinner with my mama and hubby and Ad and Aq. Yes, went out while recuperating from my fever.

More than just chicken rice
The five of us went to have chicken rice. We ordered the meal for 6 pax. When the orders came, we were feeling pretty hungry and thought that we could easily polish off the food. However, we later found that there was just too much. We didn’t finish the kailan. Poor kailan. And I always loved kailan. *sob*

Wedding bells and family feuds
I went to a wedding on Sunday. It was a really close friend. Heck, she’s practically my cousin. At the wedding, I met up with my cousins and aunts and uncles and nana and other relatives. Kinda funny that even during that wedding, even during this very event of mengeratkan silaturrahim, there were still chasms between some of my family members. Not too proud to admit it, but my extended family’s stories and vendettas could rival some of the long running soaps and cerekaramas on tv. My brother remarked how funny it was for us to meet our relatives at other people’s weddings. It’s true, I event met my cousins and their kids whom I’ve not seen in the past year. Well, I also saw my uncle, who again, continued to ignore our very existence. Ah well, his loss….

Back to the wedding, my friend/cousin is now married to a guy from Kelantan. Haha! My husband said that I would start a trend. I didn’t believe him. I mean, how could that be? But it’s true. First I got married to a Kelantanese, then she, and next will be my other cousin. He is now engaged to a Kelantanese lass and they will probably get married early next year.

So I'll probably post this first, and get some work done. Really good to be back....


Simon said...

great to see you're healed!

mudslinger said...

thanks simon!
it's good to be able to ping again...