Tuesday, July 26

Present and accounted for

I have finally been released from the hospital. Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right. I’ve been discharged… yes that’s the word. I went to the hospital on Friday and was admitted. Had a Doppler done. Is that what it’s called? My surgeon came and took a look and said, the good news was that I didn’t have any clots or blocks anywhere. The bad news was that my platelets were still high. About a million. So what did the good doctor ordered? Rest. Yup, that’s it, rest. So I was to stay in the hospital for the weekend and do nothing. How’s that for a great weekend? The worst part out of all that was that it was hubby’s birthday on Saturday. Poor thing, he had to spend his 28th in the hospital with me. Thanks to his sister, we had some choc mud cake and choc banana cake that evening.

So thankfully I got to come home yesterday. I’m still on medical leave though. Will be till this Friday. That kinda made up for my lost weekend. As of this minute, I’m click-clacking away at hubby’s pc coz I told him I just had to blog something. I just had to write, I don’t know, a sentence at least. I need to tell the people who take the time to read my blog that I’m okay. I reckon there would be about 2 or 3 people out there who reads me.

Being in the hospital really sucked big time. I didn’t have anything to do except sleep, watch TV, read and err.. sleep. Was pretty restless at times. Thanks to hubby who put up with me and my crazy blabbering about nothing in particular.

I finally managed to finish that book I was reading, Mercy by Julie Garwood. It was quite okay. Easy enough reading. Then I read two short stories from Zadie Smith called Martha, Martha and Hanwell in Hell. The book was a Penguin’s special edition to commemorate 70 years of publishing. It was one in a series of many other little books that were selling for about RM9.90 at the MPH. If you walked into MPH MidValley from the main entrance (near Delifrance) the books would be on your right. I don’t know if the promo is still on though. Which reminds me, I have nothing to read at the moment. Hmmmph!

Oh well, at least there’s Astro and Desperate Housewives.


Jocelyn said...

Glad to know you're feeling ok by now. Get well soon.

xig said...

Hi muddy,
Welcome back and happy recuperating (or is that an oxymoron?). I have been wondering where you were. I mean, like it's been FOUR days since your last blog. OMG!! Whatever was happening to you, I thought. I was thinking the worst - like maybe you had sudden acute arthritic finger spasms or something. LOL.
But being the consummate blogger that you are, you quickly dispatched all my tsunami-proportion thoughts of calamities out the window.
Silly me, I should've realised from your previous blogs that you weren't too well. So happy resting ... and no scrimping on the medicine!

PS/- Thanks for dropping in at my blog. As you could see, it's all rather raw and bare. But I shall call in the cavalry soon and hope it will at least look lived-in. And yeah, being the ignoramus that I am, what's a "pps"?

kekure said...

hey welcome back!have fun resting :)

mudslinger said...

hi jocelyn, xig and kekure!
thanks for the support. am so glad to be back.

and xig, pps is short for project petaling street. it's like a place where bloggers 'meet'. you can ping pps whenever you have new posts on your blog. oh, why don't you visit www.petalingstreet.org and aizuddin can explain better...