Thursday, July 7

Theme-ing with ideas

Aren’t theme parties fun? Well, if you have people who take the trouble to dress up, then it’ll be a success. But IMO people in Malaysia are party poopers. You tell them it’s a costume party and they shy away. Let’s say you have a party with a certain theme, say “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Scenario 1 - Too few people dress up
The people who’ve taken the trouble to dress up will feel a bit out of sorts, even though they’re dressed for the occasion. The majority in ‘normal clothes’ will feel more at ease than their dressed up counterparts.

Scenario 2 – Some people do not come in costume
In this case, it’s the reverse. The ones who didn’t dress up will feel embarrassed because they didn’t take the trouble and in doing so may have slighted the host.

Scenario 3 – No one comes in costume
This is really terrible. The host will be the only one looking in character. It will be such a waste of props and décor.

Scenario 4 – Everyone dresses up
This is what every host dreams of. Once people are in costumes, or behind masks, they tend to take on a different personality altogether. You’ll surely have a fantastic time!

Sometime in the future when hubby and I have our own home, I would definitely want to have a theme party. Here are some of the theme parties that I would definitely love to host. As you can see, they’re movie inspired.

- Star Wars Galaxy Ball
(hubby could be vader, I could be amidala)
- Tarantino Flicks Fiesta
(hubby and I could be travolta and thurman from pulp fiction)
- Pirates of the Caribbean
(we both be pirates, arrrr…. no way am I gonna be a damsel in distress)
- Famous Disney Couples
(hubby can be any one of the princes as long as I’m a princess – heh!)
- Famous Couples
(this I saw in a movie. we can be Romeo and Juliet)

I’m nuts. I’d better stop now before I come up with even more ridiculous ideas. Can’t wait for Saturday though.

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