Friday, July 29

Quentino, Quentino, why do you rant?

It’s finally Friday. I have spent the whole week at home. It has been so boring. My schedule would revolve around the following: get up, eat, watch tv, eat, pray, watch tv, eat, pray, watch tv, short nap, wait for hubby. Watch tv some more. *sigh*

So I was supposed to write on Wednesday, and I though I’ll do it at night. But then when it was night-time, I realised that there was the CSI season finale on tv. Hubby and I had to watch that. It was after all directed by Quentin Tarantino. Or Quentino, as my mom calls him. So we watched the two-hour finale. By then it was time to sleep.

Yesterday, I logged in sometime in the afternoon, but it was too hot to write. The pc in this room faces a window, and the sun was just too much for me. Made me feel so drowsy. But of course this didn’t deter me from watching loads of banal shows on tv. Some shows I actually wanted to watch, believe it or not. I watched Angel, One Tree Hill, Oprah….

Oh then there was this show on MTV called Rich Girls. It featured Hilfiger’s daughter. She and her friend have this reality show which follows them… err, I don’t know… from here to there. Boring…. What is it with these wealthy kids? Aren’t they supposed to lead interesting lives? Why do they all have to jump on the reality-show bandwagon? I’m sure they do more than just criticise and shop?

Ah well, that must be the curse then. When you’re a rich kid, you don’t have anything to do other than criticise others, spend your dad’s money, make funny faces and act like dimwits in a store. Yeah, you don’t have to worry about your career, or where all the moolah comes from, or the need to pay bills, or that leak in your roof. Nope, you just have to concentrate on your acting/modelling/artistic/singing/hosting career. Then you make sure you marry some other rich kid so that you can spend his money (which is technically his dad’s money) and live happily ever after for the rest of your life. The end.

Hah! I might be a sour cousin of the raisin family, but I think that my life – with all its ups and downs and climbing uphill and tumbling downhill and pains and fears and joys and happiness – is definitely more interesting than that. When I’m not sick and stuck at home that is….



xig said...

Watch it, muddy.The way things are going, you might just mutate into a couch potato. On the other hand, you could slide to become a famous TV critic thanks to all those hours of TV-watching.
But seriously, enjoy this enforced "sabbatical" while it lasts, even if boredom kills you. Think of a pristine beach, with waves breaking gently on the shore, a soothing breeze ruffling your hair, as you lie supine on a deck chair, cool ice lemon tea by your side. But watch out for that coconut over you ...

mudslinger said...

hahaha, that's a thought! maybe i could do reviews, but then my views would probably be askew....