Thursday, July 14

Super Rings!

Today is a normal ordinary workday. Nothing happened. But it was freaking cold in the office. Walking outside in the sunshine while on the way to buy lunch was a nice break. Now, I’m back in my little cubbyhole freezing to death. Ok, I exaggerate.

These past few days, hubby and I have been having our breakfast at the mamak at the street mall cyberjaya. We always eat the same things over and over and over.
It’s either:
Two half boiled eggs each (with roti bakar for hubby)
Roti canai (cut into little pieces)
Errr, that’s it…. Either of the above.

That is why I always look forward to my breakie at McD’s. Talking about McD’s, I remember not too long ago, when I had a craving for apple pie, we stopped over at their drive-thru at TPM on our way to parents-in-law’s house. I had the apple pie in the car, and offered hubby some. He said he didn’t like apple pies. So I managed to persuade him to take a bite. Hmmm…..

Then about three weeks ago, we stopped at a McD’s, and whaddaya know? Hubby ordered apple pie! He’s kinda hooked on it now. That’s cute!

So I’m munching on ‘super rings’ now. You know the snack food, the one that comes with a really bright orange colouring (which I’m sure is bad for health), which makes your finger and tongue and teeth have a horrid orange tint. But tastes so good…. in a reminds-me-of-childhood good.

So I’m gonna go visit my neopet, but my colleagues are calling me to join them, in what else? Eating….


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