Wednesday, July 13

Older. But wiser?

I’ve missed blogging in. Today, as usual, I went to the PPS site and there it was. Kahsoon's blog, promoting the puzzle land game. Man, that thing is addictive! The final level, I tak tau buat lah. Had to see the clues.

It’s raining horses and elephants out there. I wish I could run in the rain. When was the last time I took a walk in the rain? Of course, I wouldn’t walk in the rain on purpose, but when was the last time I got caught in the rain? Probably ages ago. I would love to go under those huge drops of water, and get drenched. Woohoo, what fun!

I did all my filing today. And re-arranging of office stuff on my desk. Now my desk looks really (really) empty. See, people always have this misconception that I don’t have any work to do based on the look of my desk. A clean and tidy desk does not mean that I have no work! It just means that I like to see everything in its place after I’m done. Plus, there’s a system that is adhered to when I do whatever task I have, be it planning, writing reports, compiling data, setting appointments, or even filing. Woe to the person who messes up my stuff and my system!

I am supposed to be reading Mercy by Julie Garwood, but reading has been slow lately. It’s like every time I get home and finish my chores and what not, I don’t feel like reading. Even if I do read, it will be for a few minutes before I doze off. The few minutes would mean about 6 – 7 pages per night, at a rate of 2/3 nights per week. When am I gonna finish like this? This coming from me who could finish a book in one or two sittings. Ah, I’m getting old.

You know you’re getting old(er) when….
- you tell your sister to turn down the music, because to you they all now sound like noise
- you read other parts of the newspaper besides the tv programmes and entertainment pages
- you go *tsk tsk tsk* and shake your head when you see people driving over 120km/h
- people call you auntie or makcik instead of kak or dik
- you increase the volume on the radio when you hear the news update
- when queuing, sometimes people make way for you and let you go first
- staying up to catch a movie at eleven p.m. is such a difficult thing to do
- when meeting up with friends, the get-together will either be in the morning or afternoon, late night outings are a no-no
- you realise how stressful you are now, and reminisce about the “good old days”
- you start telling “when I was your age….” stories

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multidimid said...

Do not to fear and believe that old age is a time of spiritual/or physical deterioration or the beginning of an era in which all the hard worn attributes of maturity vanish and the reasoning faculties vanish.

Old age must be viewed as a highly creative part of living with much wisdom. The mind actually becomes more itself, freer to use more of its abilities, allowed to stray from restricted areas, to assimilate, acknowledge and create.

The chemical and hormonal changes that occur are conducive to spiritual and psychic growth

In many cultures, an individual is not considered in terms of his age at all and the numbering of age is regarded as insignificant. It would do us all good – young, middle age and old alike – to forget the number of your years because so many of the beliefs are limiting in those ways. Youth is denied its wisdom and old age denied its joy.

Actually the point of reality and power is, once more, in our current experience. The old lady at her age is drawing upon qualities and knowledge that “existed” in her past or “will exist” in her future by acting as if the ages are probable (simultaneous).

Our own conclusions and beliefs about age become fact in our experience. If you could convince yourself that you were ten years younger, or ten years older, then it would be faithfully reflected in the environment.

The same pattern can be seen in the elderly and ideas of retirement. For hidden within them is the belief that at one time or another, at a specific age, your powers will begin to fail. These ideas are usually accepted by the young and old alike. In believing them, the young automatically begin the gradual conditioning of their own bodies and minds and the results will be reaped. So to stay young, discard all the core beliefs about old age.