Monday, July 11

Worlds at War

What a weekend! So many things happened, I still feel a bit dizzy. Or is it lack of sleep?

Anyway, on Thursday, I tried to book “War of the Worlds” online. I couldn’t get any seats for GSC MidValley or Sunway, and only managed Berjaya Times Square. I don’t like BTS. But Thursday night, hubby and I went to meet mama and the rest of family at MidValley for dinner. Hubby said, why don’t we just try our luck and queue for tickets? Of course I agreed, and whaddaya know? They do have shows for Friday night at 9pm. We got seats somewhere in the middle, which was great!

Friday after work, we went to MidValley for our movie. We were gonna go straight to hubby’s parents’ house, so we had all our luggage in the boot of the car. But I digress. So the movie. What can I say? I really liked it. (Caution: spoilers ahead)

The movie shows Cruise as a normal guy-next-door, working hard at his job and having domestic problems like any divorced or separated husband would be, which is saying a lot since I can’t remember the last time I saw Cruise in a role where he doesn’t have a fancy wardrobe, slick moves or high-tech gadgets. He has his two kids for the weekend, and they don’t seem very happy to be staying at his place. Well, you can’t blame them, as he’s got the teenage boy and the pre-teen girl sharing a room. Again I digress.

What I really liked about this movie was that it got me thinking. I saw the desperation in their faces. Wouldn’t you feel that way if you were suddenly attacked by aliens? And you could disintegrate in a matter of minutes? One scene really left a mark on me. The scene where Cruise drives his car through a bunch of people, and they start banging on his car to get a ride. Human desperation is a dangerous thing. When fighting for one’s life, rationale and judgement are thrown to the winds. Survival is the most important thing. Taking another person’s life just means that you’re moving up the ladder from being doomed to die.

I urge you to watch it…. Makes you thankful that it’s just a movie, and we’re not being attacked by any aliens….yet.

Back to work….

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