Monday, July 18

Satiated Saturday

Had a wonderfully filling weekend! Friday night went to parents-in-law’s (PIL’s) house for sleepover. On Saturday morning, hubby and I dragged ourselves out of bed early to go to HUKM to get my pills. Sound like a junkie, don’t I? Well I do take drugs. But I don’t abuse them. So there’s a difference there. So we had to have breakfast on the run. I first thought of having breakfast after going to the hospital, but knowing me (who’s forever hungry) I had to sheepishly ask hubby to stop at the Shell to get some donuts. So we bought 5 Dunkin Donuts, at a cost of RM1.80 each. Hubby then realised we should have gotten the donuts at the Dunkin Donuts in Petronas in Bukit Antarabangsa instead, which would probably earn us another free donut. If I remember correctly it’s buy 5 get 1 free. Haiyah, too hungry in the morning could not think straight. They were promoting this new donut and I thought I’d try it out. It was the peanut butter and jelly donut. Surprisingly, it was good. Although, I do have one grouse. I only got to the jelly bit inside after three bites. Think I will have another whenever I see Dunkin’s.

So we wolfed down the donuts on the way to HUKM. But I forgot that it was a Saturday, and the hospital “tak kerja” on Saturdays. So said one of the security guards. So there we were at 9 in the morning with nowhere to go. Well, actually we did plan to go catch a movie. So we went ahead to Berjaya Times Square (BTS) and that’s when I brilliantly remembered that it was Harry Potter book launch day, so Borders would have already opened its doors. It was a good place to hang around in, while waiting for GSC to sell tickets.

We stepped into Borders. I half expected it to be chaotic in there, with HP-wannabes clamouring over each other to get their little hands on the latest book. So I was kind of surprised to see that the place was quite empty, save for a few people milling about, some photographers and reporters, and the bookstore staff dressed in be-witch-ing costumes. So what happened? Where’s the hoo-haa and hullabaloo that I expected? Hello? Does anyone realise it’s HP day? Or is it “just another book”?

Perhaps it is just another book. Not to me. I love the series. However I came out of Borders empty-handed. Why? Because the books are only available in hardcover versions! Ugh! Why is it that authors /publishers have to come up with the paperback editions of the books like one-year after the hardcover is in stores? It’s not fair. Sure, it could be some marketing ploy or strategy to get people to spend more, but I thought reading is to be encouraged to all? For richer or for poorer? (like moi) So like it or not, I have to wait. It’s not that I can’t afford the book, now that I’m working and all, but you see, all my five books are the paperback editions. And I’m very particular about my books. Hubby can vouch for this. I remember him buying me HP and The Order of the Phoenix, and he had to take it back to the bookstore. Reason being? It was the ‘adult’ version that he bought, with the proper serious looking cover. Mine are all the children’s edition by Bloomsbury, with the colourful covers. So he had to take it back, explain to the cashier and exchange the book. Lucky me (or him, really) that they didn’t object to the exchange. Back to poor lil-ol-me, guess I have to wait till next year. Unless someone can lend me a copy first.

Don’t worry about lending books to me. I love them and will take very good care of them. I actually cringe when I see books open lying facedown on the floor. Oh what a sacrilegious thing to do! And since we’re on the subject, here are some things you should not do to your books:

- Touch them with greasy, sweaty hands – they stain and it’s a really ugly sight.
- Open them all the way till the spine creases.
- Fold the covers all the way to the back – ack! one of the worst crimes ever.
- Dog-ear them to remember your place – for goodness sake, that’s what bookmarks are for!
- Use books as a backing board for you to write on – leaves horrid marks on the cover of your books.

But oh I digress….

So we managed to watch Fantastic Four in GSC BTS. It was only our second time at the cinema, the first being Lemony Snickets’ Series of Unfortunate Events. I just realised that the leg-room in GSC BTS is wider than GSC Mid Valley Megamall (MVM). Since we always favour watching movies at MVM instead of BTS, I think it’s about time we re-evaluate our preference. Perhaps BTS ain’t so bad after all – well, GSC and Borders anyway. But that’s about it. The other shops are like dead. Back to the movie, since we just had donuts for breakie, I wanted popcorn. The popcorn tasted really good. Either that or I was starving at that time. It was already 11.50a.m. By the time we finished the movie, I was hungry again. How do you explain that? I sure eat a lot for skinny girl. We went to the food court at level 10. Sucks that place. We opted for the kebab sets, which was quite a disappointment. Lucky us we were having dinner courtesy of mama that night. It kinda made up for the crummy lunch. With our stomachs full we went home and I had a nap.

Woke up at 6.30pm with a start. Had less than an hour to get ready. Knowing me, that is really not enough time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t use all that time to put on make up or to go through a strict beautification routine. (not that I need any beautification – heh). I need to make sure my clothes are okay and my tudung is ironed. Yes, my tudung has to be just right. Or else, my mood will be terrible. The crease has to be just so, so that I don’t look like a chick with fat cheeks. The shape has to be there. My sister would probably laugh at me for saying this, but once she called me a “muallaf” which loosely translated means a convert, the way I wore my tudung. Blasphemous girl! Her mouth needs to be rinsed with soapy water. Haha! I’d like to see that.

Back to the dinner, we headed to Chakri Palace KLCC as instructed by mama. Was supposed to meet at 8.30, but knowing my mother, she’d probably be there by 8.15pm. And sure enough at 8.09 I got an sms from my brother telling me that they’re already there. So we proceeded to Chakri and had a really satisfying dinner there. We had seafood tom yam, pandan chicken, sweet sour fish, broccoli and asparagus, and soft-shelled crabs. Yummy, I ate so much I can’t imagine how I got up and walked to the car after that. Then hubby and I went for d rive around the KLCC area looking at the various residential buildings coming up. ‘Buildings’ is an understatement. The Troika (designed by revered architect Norman Foster), The Avare, The Binjai, Binjai Residence, Duo, The Meritz…. Names that exude class and kaching$$$!

Saturday ended and then came Sunday. Went to grandma’s house and ate even more. But that has got to be another entry. Tomorrow perhaps….

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