Wednesday, July 20

Mudslinger Boleh! Yeah, right....

Came back to work this morning. Yesterday I ditched work coz my left knee and calf were swollen. Still is a bit swollen today. I can’t walk. I hate this. It’s gotta be some reaction to my blood condition and the medication I’m taking. Man, one small bump and the whole thing will swell up and I just can’t walk.

Anyway, came back to work and checked my inbox. I just felt like screaming. See, for the last 3 years I’ve been running around in corporate comm. And over there, there are about 3 executives in charged of all events in the uni. My annual major headache (or should I say my baby?) was the convocation. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say the convo has got to be the biggest event for a uni. So for three years I had to make sure that everything in this major event ran smoothly, from A to Z. After being transferred I heaved a sigh of relief, as I will no longer be in charged with the huge responsibility. But alas, the new person in charged is not in the office as her child is sick. So what do the other officers do? They write me emails asking how to do such and such. I mean, what gives? When I left the unit, I left my whole damn big folder which lists everything, and I mean everything, that you could possibly need to know about running and preparing for the big event.

Getting a barrage of emails asking how to do things when the superior is still there, is absurd. The emails state that my now ex-superior would like them to find out from me yadda yadda yadda… She was my boss, don’t tell me she didn’t know what was happening for the past three years! You mean to tell me that previously she just pretended to be in control, when I was doing all the donkey work? She pretended to know everything when I was the one running around going out of my way and getting feathers riled up everywhere when we requested for stuff? She just nodded in agreement when I suggested and proposed? What? Can’t believe this….

And guess what. I have to attend this meeting (with the big boss, mind you) at about 11.30 today “to assist in the speech writing for the honorary doctorate recipient”. ‘Assist’ my foot! The sentence might as well read, “we don’t have anyone who can write this speech, so we have selected you and two others to become the victims and write this speech for us so that it will look good and everyone can be proud about the whole shenanigan. And did we mention we’re running out of time coz the convo is coming up in about a fortnight, and we really need your kind assistance. You should be proud to do this for the uni.”


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TotalKarnage! said...

i've been there dude.. u can bitch.. but dont let your work quality drop.. i use to be a machai doing all the hardwork for 2k+ a month.. 3 years later i moved on and my new employer says i'm so capable of doing many things that they pay me 4k++ a month and i'm actually doing less work now! it'll pay off later..