Thursday, July 21

Non-writer who's a pain in the err.. knee

Went to that meeting yesterday, and sure enough, we were ‘asked’ to help write a draft of a speech. The opening and welcoming remarks included phrases like “need to write” “gathered our powerhouses” “English master” yadda yadda yadda. Utter crap. Bottom line was: just do it.

But will not let that bring me down. It’s just another writing assignment. Would you believe it? They want me to write? I know for the past three years I’ve been writing the foreword for the chancellor in all our convo booklets, but gimme a break! I’m sure there are other people who are more ‘write-worthy’ than I am. See, who uses words like ‘write-worthy’? It’s probably not even a real word. And another thing, I couldn’t even remember how to spell the word ‘vision’ yesterday. What kind of a writer is that?

My left knee and calf are still hurting. It’s swollen a little and I cannot walk properly because of this. I’m limping all around the office. Of course I don’t go anywhere unnecessary but I still need to go to the loo sometime, right? Which reminds me, I need to call my doctor today.

I need to go do some minor changes to the power point presentation for my boss’ appointment with the big guy. It’s scheduled next week, but again, I have outdone myself. I gave myself the 21st as the deadline and have stuck to the 21st. Hurrah for me!

Will be back….

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